Bali Art Center – Taman Budaya Denpasar

Taman Budaya or Bali Art Center is the culture building complex with the best style of Balinese traditional architecture. It is featuring the good lay-out building of amphitheater to be a place/hall of show performance purpose. It is symbolizing the twiddling of Mandara Giri mount in the milk ocean and spattering the Amerta holy water for the life of endless as according to nature of dynamic culture and stayed alive during the human being still dwell the earth planet. This amphitheater can accommodate up to 6.000 audiences for the show of colossal both for modern and also traditional. The government has opened this Taman Budaya (Cultural Park) on 1973 with the Bali Artistry Party (Pesta Kesenian Bali) within one month.

In addition, there are full of entertainments amusement traditional dance, exhibition, and other cultural activities. During the opening ceremony, the big art parade enliven the culture event. They start from Puputan Park until finish at the Art Center. It is about 2 Km and this parade come with entire regencies and towns in Bali. They have delivered their artistry mission. Moreover, other provinces in Indonesia also often follow this parade. And also, the participants from other countries took part of this event such as Japan, Korea, Europe, America etc. In this culture parade is presented in so many forms those are from the sacral until contemporary traditional. There are also type of marry and custom clothes from each area, instrument of music or gamelan, forms Sesajen (offering) and others

Bali Art Center as Bali Places of Interest

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In fact, this event is not tourist event yet. It is because, the visitors and audiences are mostly coming from the local resident. However, some tourists can enjoy this party that run every year. Meanwhile, the person who is propose this yearly culture event is Mr. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra (who was been a Bali Governor. Taman Budaya or Bali Art Center is published as one of places to visit in Bali or tourist destination in Bali where you can join Denpasar City Tour or Denpasar Tour Packages. There are also other places of interest in the Denpasar City that you can discover includes Denpasar Traditional Market, Jagatnatha Temple, Bajra Sandhi Monument and Bali Museum.

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  • Parking Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Hall
  • Entrance Fee – Charge
  • Exhibition Area
  • Open Stage
  • Drinks Stall
  • Museum
  • Souvenir Shop

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