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Bajra Sandhi Monument is monument of Balinese People Struggle set in the hearth of Denpasar City and appointed as one of Bali Places of Interest. This Monument is popular with name of Bajra Sandhi. It is because, the shape of this monument is looking like Bajra or Genta or bell. Meanwhile, Genta/Bajra is commonly used by all Hindu Priests in reading off Weda holy sentence (mantra) during religious ceremony. The government has built this monument on 1987. Meanwhile, Megawati Sukarno Putri (Ex-president of Indonesia) has opened this monument on 14 June 2003. Furthermore, the purpose of this monument is immortalizing the soul and spirit of Balinese People struggle. It is one dig, looking after, development and also preserve Bali cultures. Hence, it can bequeath to next generation.

Philosophy of Bajra Sandhi Monument Denpasar

Furthermore, this monument is comprising of 33 diorama depicting the journey history from a period of prehistory (300.000 S.M). The human still go about and very base on the nature until the period of filling the independence (1950-1975). The Balinese people build in all areas like politics, economic, and social cultural The local people expect the tighten of the spirit and cultural to increase Bali tourism after knowing and comprehending of the history, soul, and spirit of Bali People struggle from time to time.

Bajra Sandhi Monument Building

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The existence of physical building is strongly relating to the meaning of Hinduism philosophy, namely Yoni colossus. The monument is likely colossus device meanwhile the building base as yoni. From other side, the Yoni colossus is also describing the story of twiddling Mandhara Giri at Ksirarnawa. It is taking from passage of Adi Parwa (Hindu’s Book).

This building Monument is coming with:

  • Jar of Amertha symbol by Kumba (a kind of pot). You can see on the top of monument.
  • The Dragon Basuki tail exists near by Swamba and its head at entrance gate
  • The body of Bedawang Akupa realized at its base of monument and the head at entrance gate
  • Mount of Mandara Giri realized by the high of monument boosting
  • Pool encircle the monument is supposing as Ksirarnawa (milk ocean).

In addition, the local government has opened Bajra Sandhi Monument for public. Therefore, the tourists can visit this monument since this site become popular places of interest or tourist destination in Bali. It is a best time to visit when visiting Denpasar town. You may also join Denpasar City Tour, Denpasar Tour Package or for those of you who from cruise line passenger can join with our Denpasar City Tour Activity to visit this beautiful place.

Bali Places of Interest Nearby

Since the monument is situated in the center of city and close with other places of interest, you can discover several spots on your trip to this town includes Denpasar Traditional Market, Jagatnatha Temple, Bali Museum and Bali Art Center.

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  • Parking Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Entrance Fee – Charge
  • Food Stall
  • Courtyard
  • Drinks Stall
  • Post Office

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