Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar, One of Popular Bali Places of Interest

Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar is a Hindu Temple located in the center of Denpasar town. It is precisely located in Major Wisnu street east side field of Puputan Badung. This temple is categorized as Kahyangan Temple and become an altar to the god for Hindu people. When comparing the name of Kahyangan Temples or other temples around Bali Island, then this temple’s name is taking from the name of mount or village. It is relevant to the temples in Besakih Temple, Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Lempuyang Temple , Andakasa Temple, Puncak Mangu Temple and other temple areas.

Jagatnatha Temple Story

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Jagatnatha Temple is taking the special name which is not quit of various conception aspects. The local people have conducted opening ceremony on 13 May 1968. The unique of Jagatnatha Temple does not own the Pengempon (the group of community who manage like the temple). Since the temple opening, Jagatnatha Temple only owns a few of people who arrange the fund to construct it until everyday ceremony. Jagatnatha development committee with other Hindu people have managed this temple.

Furthermore, after Jagatnatha Temple has completely ready, hence the committee of Hindu Holy Day (PAHARA HINDU) handle the ceremony. They are coming from the institutionally personnel pursuant to Local Bali Government’s Decree. The local government of Badung Regency and Denpasar town are generally support the personnel of PAHARA HINDU. Nowadays, the government of Denpasar town fully manage this temple. This temple is many visited by tourist from all over the word since this temple is opened for tourist destination.

Other Bali Places of Interest Nearby

Denpasar City is a small city featured by several places of interest that recommended to visit included Jagatnatha Temple. When visiting thus city by joining Denpasar City Tour, Denpasar Tour Packages or for those of you who from cruise line passenger can join with out Denpasar City Tour Activity, you will discover several tourist destinations includes Denpasar Traditional Market, Bajra Sandhi Monument, Bali Museum and Art Center.


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