Outdoor Fun Games – Bali Garden Team Building 

Bali Garden Team Building is an exciting activity with fun games executed in the garden. We do flexible to provide this team building as long as any space to accommodate the group activity. Furthermore, our Bali Garden Team Building is coming with fantastic and great challenge games to build solid and strong teamwork. And also, it can improve the spirit of the team to struggle with goal achievement. Moreover, you can get the additional benefits of team building such as improving communication, leadership as well as an understanding of position in a team. Bali Star Island as one of the reliable team building planners provides some team building activities including this Bali Garden Team Building. our professional team including bilingual game masters have experience to provide this service since 1998. Therefore, there is no doubt to contact our team to get a proposal.

Concept of Bali Garden Team Building

The concept of Bali Garden Team Building is providing the group participant of education to create a solid and strong teamwork through the fun games. We have prepared the attractive and innovative games with 100% safe and full of fun. Our Team Building is flexible to run at any space for group movement in the garden. The best idea of venue for this game is Bali Botanical Garden located in Bedugul. It is because, the area of Botanical Garden is located in the mountain area and surrounded by cool temperature. This activity is running within half day, however we can arrange the extension into full day activity. Furthermore, if you are interesting with this program please email us.

Bali Garden Team Building Information, as a result below:

  • Minimum number of participant : 25 people
  • Total games : 6 – 7 games
  • Duration of games : 3 – 3,5 hours
  • Venue : Garden (Bali Botanical Garden recommended)
  • Timing : Morning or afternoon (afternoon recommended) and furthermore

Bali Garden Team Building Phase

Phase – 1 : GROUPING

  • Group assembling
  • Ice breaking with 2 – 3 games
  • Grouping session and appoint a leader and create cheers or yell – yell and furthermore


  • Race game 1
  • Race game 2
  • Continue race game 3
  • Final race game 4 and furthermore



  • Olympic game 1
  • Olympic game 2
  • Final Olympic game 3 and furthermore

Phase – 4 : CLOSING GAME
Phase – 5 : EVALUATION
Evaluation session and announce the winner


  • T-shirt
  • Short pant
  • Sport shoes
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun block and furthermore

Photo Gallery of Bali Garden Team Building

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