Bali Incentive Meeting Adventure Program

Incentive Meeting Adventure Program is an exclusive incentive group for the company that like to combine their business trip plan and adventure activities. This incentive program is combining both leisure and business such as meetings, seminars or big conferences with best-choice adventure activities. We welcome any ideas or customize the agenda for this incentive trip plan. Our Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program is a response for company staff who wants to conduct incentive trips to Bali Island. It is one of the popular Incentive Trip Programs that will bring the group participants on valuable business trips and enjoy exciting adventure activities. Bali Star Island coordinates with Bali Group Organizer as a reliable event planner on this island is professionally arranged the incentive trip plan for the company since 1998.

Concept of Bali Incentive Meeting  Adventure Program

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The concept of Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program is encouraging every group member to enjoy their business trips with professional, efficient and effective ways. We will assign both activities to meet all group participant’s need. This Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program is a perfect idea to bring them into fantastic experiences with valuable business trip result. The agenda is coming with tailor-made bases or any best suggestion from our team to form group satisfactory ending. We are happy to organize all the arrangements or a part of the group arrangement based on your request.

Popular Adventures for Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program

Bali Island is featuring with many adventure activities with some of them ideally for Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program. It is a perfect idea to bring the following adventures for your incentive group during their visit to Bali. All adventures are taking you into a fantastic experience with a top safety record.

White Water Rafting

It is a fantastic river rafting adventure to explore the beautiful river with exotic panorama along the trips. Furthermore, you will see the panoramic view of riverbank or rice terrace. The adventure starts to ride the rubber boat within 2 hours passing several 2 – 3 rapid levels. Meanwhile, a professional river guide will lead your adventure until finish point. Your adventure will end up with delicious lunch at the beautiful restaurant. Furthermore, please find details information here.

Cycling Tours

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The adventure will take you to paddle the mountain bike and explore the traditional village as well as the rice terrace. And also, we visit Hindu temple with complete story guided by professional cycling guide. The cycling tour will bring you to both experience of sport and excursion to see Bali lifestyle closely. Even, it will pass down to the selected track. Therefore, the cycling tour will bring the group into fantastical experiences. This adventure is a perfect idea for Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program to meet both business trip values and adventure activities. Furthermore, please find details information here.

ATV Riding

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The ATV is especially off-road vehicle to bring you to the exciting experiences to explore the pure natures of Bali. And also, it will take you to the traditional village and meet friendly local people behaviour on trips. It is a fantastic and challenging adventure by riding a special off-road vehicle to pass the wild tracks. This adventure is ideal for small incentive group who love great challenges on the adventure. Furthermore, please find details information here.

Sumatra’s Elephant Riding

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It is the best time to visit Indonesia featured by the biggest animal of elephant. Furthermore, Elephant Safari Ride is one of the most famous adventures in Bali. You will explore the beautiful park and nature surrounding the area by riding the Sumatra’s Elephant. The trips are fully exciting accompanied by the professional mahout. This adventure is also ideal for small incentive group on Bali Incentive Meeting and Adventure Program. Furthermore, please find details information here.

Land Cruise

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It is a fun tour on a four-wheel-drive vehicle to explore deep side of Bali nature. Furthermore, it passes through the traditional village, rice terrace and special wild track. The trips are exciting to see the local Balinese lifestyle in the village. And also, we can stop at the appointed place of interest with fantastic scenery along the journey. Land Cruise Adventure will bring you to the fun experience along with professional guide-driver. Furthermore, please find details information here.

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