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Bali Party Planners provides party arrangements including a gala dinner for group travellers on Bali Island. Our party planner service offers you party arrangements with custom design and meets your budget. And also, Bali Party Planners can arrange gala dinners for group travellers who want to enjoy the exclusive gala dinner with or without entertainment. Furthermore, we are working together with all event productions to transform your event successfully. These event productions will support our event to make it a success and run smoothly. Meanwhile, our professional and experienced teams are working inefficiently with our best services. Therefore, there is no doubt to contact our team to get a proposal for your party or gala dinner.

In addition, Bali Island is featuring with many event venues for the party as well as gala dinner. Bali Star Island as one of Bali Party Planners has worked together with the event venues since 1998. As one of the reliable event planners on this island, we have experience with group gala dinners or parties with different themes. Moreover, we are welcome for any themes you need or anything to discuss for the customised party or gala dinner vent.

Services of Bali Party Planners

Theme Dinner Party

As one of reliable Bali Party Planners, we design Theme Dinner Party with special entertainment to accommodate your group needs such as selection of dinner venues, menus until budget. We always open communication dinner party arrangements to meet your requirements. And also, we are welcome for any other themes related to historical day, celebration, traditional, local cultures or special day. Meanwhile, the event venues are available to transform your needs, number of participants, the theme of parties and logistic supports. Please feel free to contact Bali Star Island to arrange your group dinner party successfully.

Entertainments and Show Performances

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Bali Party Planners provide comprehensive ranges of entertainments and show performances to support your party or gala dinner successfully.  Furthermore, we assign your group party or gala dinner with spectacular entertainments and show performances. Our entertainments are coming from professional and experiences artists and teams to perform every single party run successfully. There are attractive entertainment and show performances that Bali Party Planners offers from traditional dances to modern shows. We boast the favourite entertainments such as Balinese dances, cabarets show, fire dances, sexy dances, illusion and water drum. Meanwhile, the live band’s music is also available within your budget.


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The group night party will be more impressible with the spectacular firework performances at the end of party programs. It is a beautiful moment to see the firework with multifarious of fire colours in the sky. Your evening party will be even more festive with fireworks presentations. In addition, we offer you the option of safety fireworks that will meet your budget. So, you have several choices of firework packages that we will offer.

Looking for a place to hold an Incentive dinner party

Kayumanis seaside restaurant is ideal for incentive party

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