Bali Wedding Planners

Bali Wedding Planners

Bali Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Party in Bali

Bali Wedding Planners offers a wedding ceremony and wedding party at selection place in Bali. As one of the reliable wedding planners, Bali Star Island is proud to arrange your wedding at this paradise island. Furthermore, we organize your wedding event from design of program, select a nice venue and also arrange your party as well. And also, We customize your wedding event to fit your requirements with your budget. Hence, We commit to support your wedding to ensure that your wedding celebrations run smoothly.

How to Get Married in Indonesia and Bali?

To get married in Bali and Indonesia, all foreigner should know of Indonesian’s role and regulation. Hence, all wedding events must follow the low of Republic Indonesia (UU no.1 tahun 1974) in particular article no 2 line 1. Also, you may find out more detail of wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia through our team assistant. Furthermore..

Bali Wedding Planners Offer The Wedding Venues

Bali Wedding Planners offer several choices of wedding venues to fit your requirements and budget. And also, we offer the the best selection and ensure one of them  will meet your requirements. We design your wedding venue with beautiful decorations and nice setup of wedding reception. Furthermore, Bali Wedding Planners has worked with management of popular wedding venues throughout of Bali Island. Hence, the major of wedding venues featuring dramatic panorama and fashionable to the local cultures, the place could be outdoor either indoor. We wide open to organize your wedding by tailor made base or well selective suggestion from our professional team to firm all the arrangements are memorable one.

Wedding Vendors

In addition, Bali Wedding Planners also work together with the wedding venue’s and event vendors. As a reliable event planner, we will facilitate your requirements such as private villas, hotels and resorts, restaurants, church and other public areas. Good cooperation between our company made the wedding process can run on schedule and everything run well, as a result comment of our clients.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

What kind of Wedding ceremony do you want to hold?

Wedding Ceremony is one of the important moment on our life. Bride and groom can decide what type of ceremony do they want to, hence, we offers some selection of Wedding ceremony. In addition, we organize from full legal wedding ceremony until simple wedding vow is depended on your budget. Bridge and Groom may request one of them, and details information you may see as a result below:

Bali Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues

The island of Bali is one of paradise place on this planet and offers many exotic venue for the wedding ceremony. Many choices of wedding venues that you can choose as you wish to make your wedding memories full of romance. These range from remote wedding venues in the mountains, villages to the end of all very exotic beaches. Furthermore…

Wedding Dresses and Tuxido

We understand that wedding ceremony is very important moment and it could be one time on life. And also, it can makes couple wonders to choose wedding dress whether the dress is suit or not for them. Therefore, Bali Wedding Planners offer you rental wedding dress and other wedding accessories as well. Please see more detail about Dressing Makeup Plan here.

What kind of Wedding ceremony do you want to hold?

Bali Events planner arranges as a result below:

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