Belimbing Rice Terrace – West Bali Places to Visit

Belimbing Rice Terrace is a beautiful rice terrace at Belimbing Village with Batukaru Mountain as a backdrop. This rice terrace features with stunning view, cook temperature and peaceful atmosphere. Furthermore, Belimbing Village is one of the traditional Balinese villages situated about 600 meter above sea level in Tabanan Regency, west part of Bali Island. It is about 30 km from Denpasar Town or 2 hours drives by car. This village own the fertile land with some of tropical plantation. Those are included Durian, coffee, clove, rambutan, mangosteen and much more. Meanwhile, the magnificent view of Belimbing rice terrace with Batukaru Mount as a backdrop has captivated the tourist to come and enjoy this panorama. Rice Paddy Trekking is one of the tourist attractions at this site. It explores the pure natures, rice field and see the local farmer who working in the field.

Belimbing Village Offers Magnificent View of Belimbing Rice Terrace

Blimbing Rice Terrace View

The majority of the population at Belimbing Village is working as a farmer while remaining as a trader, employees and labors. The farmers have two type of job that first they can work at the rice field and the second at garden. This village is located on the sightseeing area in particular Singaraja Tour where in return to Denpasar then we can visit Belimbing rice terrace. The location of Belimbing rice terrace on 500-600 meters above sea level. Hence, the temperature is bit cool and average 25ÂșC.

And also, Belimbing Village has eight hamlets scattered along the village including: Banjar Beniti, Belimbing Anyar, Belimbing Tegal, Belimbing village, Pemudungan, Suradadi, Belantibah, and Duren Taluh.

Belimbing Rice Terrace and What to see?

Waterfall at Blimbing Rice Terrace

Belimbing Rice Terrace is secluded situated in the tranquility of Tabanan Regency right on main road at Belimbing Village. It offers the magnificent view of rice terrace unfolding until the slope of Batukaru Mount. And also, there are group of monkeys living in this village in particular at Mekori Forest. Moreover, there are two beautiful waterfalls such as Singsing Bemben and Singsing Sade are tourist attractions at this village. The best time to visit Belimbing Rice Terrace is the early morning or in the late afternoon on a clear day. The fogs can cover the village in the afternoon especially during raining season. There is a unique attraction can be seen when the planting time at this village. We can see the local farmers start to plow their rice fields by continuing to plant the rice at the couple of days forward.

Bali Places to Visit in Tabanan Regency Nearby Belimbing Rice Terrace

Tabanan Regency is the largest regions in Bali Island where the majority of the population is working as a farmer. And also, it rich against places of interest to visit includes Tanah Lot, Alas Kedaton Konkey Forest, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, Ulun Danu Temple, Beratan Lake, Botanical Garden, Watukaru Temple, Penatahan Hot Spring, Butterfly Park, Serjong Temple, Blemantung Waterfall and Belimbing Rice Terrace.


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