Bali Royal Heritage Site for Jurisdiction – Kerta Gosa Klungkung

Kerta Gosa Klungkung is one of Bali’s heritage sites situated in the centre of Klungkung town, the east part of Bali. The palace is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali and many visited by tourists every day. Furthermore, the name Kerta Gosa is coming from Sanskrit namely Kerta means peaceful and Gosa from the Gosita word means announcement. Thereby, the words of Kerta Gosa is meaning a kind of Jurisdiction in the form of Bale for the king who announces the legislation, jurisdiction, penalization etc. The building of Kerta Gosa is very unique and full of high art value. So, this place is a unique place to visit in Bali. Moreover, it is one of Bali’s heritage sites as a stop point during our Bali Royal Heritage Tour, Karangasem Tour Expedition or Besakih Temple Tour, an exciting tour to visit the biggest Hindu temple in the paradise island of Bali.

Kerta Gosa Within Bali Heritage Sites

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Kerta Gosa

This place also owns Taman Gili, a building floating or sees like floating because it is intentionally founded in the middle of a fish pond. Furthermore, Kerta Gosa is founded in 18 century with unique building decorated by famous style of Kamasan painting in the year 1930. During Dutch colonization (1908-1942), It remains to be wearied as a justice place for lawbreaker, especially criminal. Along with colonial governance, the punish system in Indonesia has changed from system of death duties Majapahit (traditional) become the continental punish system brought by Dutch. The evacuation system is non aim to as retaliation, but improve the perpetrator so that acceptable to its society.

Kamasan Painting Style on Kerta Gosa Building

The painting decorating on the conference hall’s ceiling is aim to awake all trespassers in order not to repeat the badness. Meanwhile, we can also find Bale Kembang, a floating building on the fishpond. And also, the physical form is solidarity from Dutch style era architecture with the Balinese traditional architecture. We can see the ancient objects, history object inclusive photos of documentation from Klungkung King Family and clan.

Bali Heritage Sites and Other Places of Interest Nearby

Klungkung Regency is located in east part of Bali Island. Furthermore, it own the old story of kingdom in Bali since the biggest king of Bali had existed in this regency. Meanwhile, Kerta Gosa building is one of the heritage sites from Klungkung Empire. Nowadays, it is famous as a tourist destination in east part of Bali. There are several tourist destinations to visit in Klungkung Regency includes Kerta Gosa, Goa Lawah Temple and Kusamba Beach.

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