Putung Village – Putu Hill Karangasem Offers Magnificent View

Putung Village is a famous village blessed by the magnificent view of green hills and valley with tropical trees unfolding until Manggis seashore. It’s about 64 km from Denpasar City or about 19 km from the Amlapura or  Candi Dasa. Furthermore, Putung is situated on 800 meter above sea-level right in the mountainous areas surrounded by dense trees, cool atmosphere and suitable for refresh your mind. It is a another interesting point that this place ideally for relaxation and stay for those of you who love to stay far away from bustle city surrounded by the pure natures and breathtaking view. You can visit this site by joining our Karangasem Tour Expedition that will encourage to explore the Balinese rural and visit heritage site in east part of Bali.

Putung Village Story 

karangasem places to visit, putung, karangasem, bali, village, hill, putung village, putung hill, places to visit, places of interest, tourist destinationsThe name of Putung is taken from the word of Putung mean disconnect. Furthermore, the story is begun from a powerful priest who live with abundant wealth that made the local society jealous and anted to seize all the wealth even want to kill him. Hence, the priest strongly react and he very angry and curse to the local society. Before the priest die, he has cursed the local society especially for all mans to die without having new children. So, this circumstance makes the villagers loss of new generations. Therefore, the name of this village slow down called by Putung (lost generation). Meanwhile, his paintings has taken much inspiration from the beautiful Putung landscape.

Putung Village Karangasem – Bali Places of Interest

Putung Village is a beautiful place with natural scenery with magnificent view of Indian Ocean. Because, the green hill surround  it to add more values of scenery that captivate the tourist to come. You can also find the beautiful valley and the Labuhan Buitan Amuk in long distance. Meanwhile, Nusa Penida Island is just apposite to Bali Island and also viewed from this village. Nowadays, Karangasem Regency is one of regency in east part of Bali Island rich with places of interest that you may visit all of them or join our Karangasem Tour and Karangasem Tour Expedition. Therefore many other places of interest can be found easily in this area such as Besakih Temple, Bukit Jambul, Bloo Lagoon Beach, Candidasa Beach, Tenganan Village, Puri Agung Karangasem, Virgin Beach, Taman Sukasada, Tirta Gangga Water Park, Amed, and Tulamben.

Photo Gallery of Putung Village


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Other Places of Interest Nearby Putung Village

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