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Taman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem or Sukasada Park is a beautiful park with big fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire heritage building which is used by the Karangasem’s King for day relaxation or meeting place in their era. It is located in Ujung Countryside about 5 Km from Amlapura town. This park is originally with one pool and very Ghostlike and very secret called by Di Dirah. During the governance of I Gusti Gede Putu King (1849-1893) as well as his brother Gde Oka (1849-1890), this pool is functioned as a place of exile for the man who alleged to run the black magic (leak).

During governance period of I Gusti Bagus Jelantik governance who lead the Karangasem Kingdom in the year 1909, this pool area is extended and developed by some pools. And also, he build luxury building Bale Gili with European style (modern style). This Bale is given the name of Taman Sukasada/ Sukasada Park Ujung Karangasem. It is estimation made in the year of twentieth.

Karangasem Bali Heritage Sites – Taman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem Park

taman, sukasada, ujung, karangasem, bali, taman sukasada, taman ujung, tourists, tourist destinations, places to visit, wedding chapel, viewTaman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem Park is strategically located in the coastal side, south part of Karangasem town and founding a lot of wellspring around the area. Gili Building is a building exist in the middle of pool like Mayura and Narmada Park in Lombok. We can say that Taman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem Park as a mascot of tourist destinations in east part of Bali. It is because the park has been recognized until foreign countries. It is famous since thirty’s year ago.

Meanwhile, the famous king of Karangasem is I Gusti Bagus Jelantik. His name is famous called by Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. He is a great Statesman, Man of letters as well as an architect. He has created a lot of building not even in the form of park but he also done some buildings with blending design between Balinese architecture and European style. This building can be found at Puri Agung Karangasem (Karangasem Palace). One of them are the entrance gateway which is looking like pagoda.

Taman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem Park Location

Taman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem Park is located in Ujung Countryside, south part of Karangasem regency. It is about 2 hours from Bali’s International Airport. From Denpasar Town, we have to take the highway of Ida Bagus Matra’s Street and go to the east part of Bali until arrive at Karangasem town. The journey will take about 2 hours and turn right to the south part of Karangasem town. Taman Sukasada is right on the coastal side with beautiful old building. It is a right place to visit during your vacation in Bali. Our Karangasem Tour is one of the famous sightseeing activities in Bali will encourage you to this site and your trip will be accompanied by our professional tour guide.

East Bali Tourist Destinations

Karangasem is the eastern regency in Bali Island and famous with many places of interest. Most of them are tourist destinations where you can go to visit. You can discover the most famous tourist destinations in this area includes Besakih Temple, Bukit Jambul, Bloo Lagoon Beach, Candidasa Beach, Tenganan Village, Virgin Beach, Taman Sukasada, Tirta Gangga Water Park, Amed, Putung Village and Tulamben.


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