A Limestone Cave Enlightenment at Labuan Bajo Flores – Batu Cermin Cave or Mirror Rock

Batu Cermin Cave or Mirror Rock is a limestone cave enlightenment set in Labuan Bajo within Komodo National Park. Furthermore, it is a famous tourist destination in Flores Nusa Tenggara Timur, one of the provinces in the east part of Indonesia’s archipelagos. This cave is only about 4 kilometres from Labuan Bajo and takes about 30 minutes to use a motor vehicle. We must pass through the dry bamboo forest and climb up the limestone hill to go into the cave. Also, this cave is one of the tourist destinations in Komodo National Park.

Batu Cermin Discovery at Komodo National Park

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Batu Cermin Entrance

It is discovered in 1951 by Theodore Verhoven, archaeologists as well as the Dutch pastor when his travel to Komodo National Park. The cave area is existing over 19 hectares and 75 meters high limestone hill. According to Theodore Verhoven research that Batu Cermin Cave is one of the caves under the sea and then lifted to the surface. It is a limestone cave enlightenment and many visited by tourists during the day when the sunshine in the heat. It is because the tourist wants to know the origin of Batu Cermin. The sunlight break on the sidelines of the stone then reflected to give the impression of gloss on the stone (Mirror Cave). Therefore, the stone reflection is slowly called by Mirror Cave or in Indonesian language called Batu Cermin Cave.

Material Content of Batu Cermin Cave

The stone in Batu Cermin Cave is containing salt particles. Therefore, the stone sparkles when it exposed to the light. Furthermore, you can see the gleaming light of stone tourists at this cave y entering 20 meters deep in a narrow area. Meanwhile, the cave space is about 200 meters long. In addition, the visitors can also see the light reflection in a puddle of water inside of the cave during raining season. This puddle was also present a beautiful glowing light.

Special Attention From Komodo National Park when Entering Batu Cermin Cave

Batu Cermin Cave also has stalactites and stalagmites the entrance until the end of the cave. Therefore, only 10 visitors are allowed to enter the cave at the same time. Meanwhile, the cave tour is only taking 30 minutes. It is because the incoming sunlight to the cave increase the humidity and lack of oxygen. Batu Cermin Cave is one of the stop points during Komodo Dragon Tours. Therefore, this caution is must be attention for visitors before entering the cave.

Batu Cermin Cave Features

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Beauty of Batu Cermin

Besides the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, Batu Cermin Cave also offers fossil corals view, turtles, as well as tortoises on the cave wall. The fossil scenery looks very clearly. Moreover, it also contains the salt particles according to the opinion of Theodore Verhoven. The visitors can learn the life in ancient times by exploring this cave. In addition, there are the other sightings of a long white rock formation and close to incoming sunlight. This stone is similar to the stone of Maria statue so that by Christians called Maria statue. We can hear the beautiful sound of natures by attending wild animals such as bats, spiders, and crickets.

Prohibition When Entering Batu Cermin Cave

Every visitor is recommended not to touch the stones as much as he/she can because the stones are still alive and able to grow continuously. When the stone exposed by human, it is not only the growth stops, but also lose salt particles. Therefore, the sparkling view not appears again in the future. In addition, we recommend bringing some meals and drinks to keep your stamina fit when exploring the cave. Because, it’s location is a bit higher, dry and hot. It is one of the beautiful sites in Komodo National Park that listed on the Komodo Tours. The main purpose of these tours is discovering the Komodo Dragons, however, Batu Cermin Cave is an absolute place to visit.

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