a Secluded Island with Crystal Sandy Beach and Blue Seawater – Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island is a tranquillity island in Komodo National Park with fantastic white sandy beaches, clear seawater as well a panoramic view. Furthermore, it is situated between Labuan Bajo and Sebayur Besar Island. This island is well blessed by the breathtaking view of the surrounding area as well as crystal sand along the coast which is ideal for relaxation. Meanwhile, the beautiful underwater is captivating the tourist to come for snorkelling and diving. Also, a resort standing on the beautiful coastal side with several gazebos has completed this island as a tourist destination in Komodo National Park. Moreover, this island is one of the places to visit among several Komodo Tours.

Kanawa Island, a Place for Relaxation

arrival jetty, wooden bridge, kawana island, labuan bajo, komodo national park
Wooden Bridge at Kanawa Island

We take about 1-hour journey using boat transport from Labuan Bajo to Kanawa Island. The island with its features such as small, beautiful, quiet as well as crystal sand along the beach is the perfect choice for relaxation. Therefore, this island is a favorite place to visit when visiting the park. Meanwhile, the island is only about 28 hectares and surrounded by long round sandy beach and a large area of coral reefs. This is one of the best places for snorkelling or even diving with less logged dives. And also, it is an ideal place for honeymoon with quite tropical atmosphere and far from bustle city. You can spend your time in long day with relaxation such as get sunshine, laying down even swimming on the beach. Meanwhile, the resort will pamper you with other tourist facilities including the meals.

Kanawa Island Resort

gazebo, beach gazebo, kawana island, labuan bajo, komodo national park
Gazebo at Kanawa Island

The Island is located just 6 miles or 10 minutes away from Labuan Bajo, at the borders of UNESCO World Heritage site, Komodo National Park. Furthermore, Kanawa Island is considered as one of South East Asia’s most idyllic islands. It is fully surrounded by spectacular reef with thousands of fish species, turtles, corals as well as reef sharks. Moreover, if we are lucky then we can see some mantas just around the arrival jetty. In addition, the island is well featured by a resort with affordable prices of room enjoy meals at the Starfish Cafe. You can enjoy most breath-taking sunrises and sunsets. Meanwhile, untouched white sand beach is available for sunbathing and walks. So, it is really untouched secluded island and become your place for vacation.

Tour to Kawana Island

There are many tour companies offer the tour to visit this island as well as offer to stay where you can check thoroughly on their itinerary. Our Komodo Tours are exclusively designed to encourage the visitors to explore Komodo National Park as well as enjoy other activities such as trekking and snorkelling. The tours are discovering the Komodo Dragons as well as enjoy the fantastic beach for snorkelling, sailing on a boat and stay overnight at the resort at Labuan Bajo. Please feel free to contact our team to get space or any questions that you may have about the tours.

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