Padar Island with Scenic View of Three Beautiful White Sandy Beaches in Komodo National Park

Padar Island is a famous island with a breathtaking view of three white sandy beaches as well as wide ocean view surrounding it. Furthermore, it is the third-largest island in the Komodo National Park. It’s location in the south-central of the park, between Komodo Island as well as Rinca Island. Padar Island is believed as one of the islands where the Komodo Dragons. Nowadays, the island is very famous to offer the scenic view of the Blue Ocean and white sandy beach underneath. We must do short hiking to the top of the limestone hill to view the panoramic view surrounding it. Even, this island is one of the tourist destinations on Komodo Dragon Tours that will captivate the tourist to come.

Komodo Dragons Discovery at Padar Island

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Padar Island Overview

Formerly, Padar Island was one of the islands in Komodo where the Komodo dragons live. Since the illegal hunting activities by human being, they slowly disappear and almost unable to see them anymore, even once. It is because of the simple reason. The island is lead of foods such as deer and wild boar. The dead because of no food to eat or prolonged hunger is one of their extinctions. And also the migration from Padar Island to Rinca Island is another cause of these extinctions. It is very unfortunate that this time no longer the Komodo Dragons can be found in this island. However, other wild animals such as wild boars are still around daily. Despite the island has no dragons existed, the island is one of the best charming spots of trekking. It is the best place for spectacular photos for those who love photographic.

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