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4 Best Bali Rafting Adventures Offers Fantastic Experiences on River Rafting in Bali

Bali Rafting Adventures offers 4 best rafting companies with spectacular experiences on rafting adventures. We run these adventures at both Ayung River Rafting as well as Telaga Waja River Rafting. The two rafting spots are beautiful with pure nature as well as challenges along the trips. The adventure of rafting in Bali will take us to explore the beautiful river with wild nature that surrounds it. Cliffs and rice fields will be passed for 2 hours of adventure. We offer this rafting adventure on two different rivers in Bali including the Ayung River and the Telaga Waja River.

Also, both spot rafting presents its challenges bypassing rapids with level 3 for 2 hours. In this case, Bali Star Island has collaborated with rafting companies that have a high commitment to guest services. These companies are experienced with friendly staff and river guides. Therefore, we believe that the adventure of your rafting in Bali will be very pleasant.

What is the difference between each of the rafting companies?

Each of the rafting companies has its special features even though they provide the same activities on the river. These features include facilities, location, duration of adventure, experience, insurance and price. However, all rafting companies are at a good level in service to their customers. They have a very good reputation and no bad record so far.

Best Bali Rafting Adventures

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sobek, bali, logo, adventures, sobek logo

IDR 690,000
per person

rafting ubud tour ubud tour
Sobek Adventure

Sobek Adventure is one of the 4 best Bali Rafting Adventures offering a rafting experience on two famous rivers in Bali, the Ayung River, and Telaga Waja. This company is a pioneer company in adventure services in Bali since 1989. More than that, Sobek Adventure has experience with a good reputation and excellent customer service. Furthermore, rafting with Sobek will bring an exciting experience by exploring beautiful rivers with rapids level 2 – 3. Also, skilled and professional personnel, especially river guides will make your adventure memorable. Your adventurer will start by picking up at the hotel, going down the river, riding a rubber boat, having lunch and returning to the hotel. So, this will add to your pleasant experience during your vacation in Bali. Therefore, this is a good reference for the 4 best Bali rafting adventures you need to try.


mason adventures, mason adventures logo

IDR 750,000
per person

mason adventure , mason adventure rafting, ayung river, ayung river rafting, ayung river rafting ubud
Mason Adventure Rafting

Mason Adventure provides a rafting adventure on the Ayung River by exploring a beautiful river with rapid levels 2 – 3. Furthermore, Mason Adventure is a well-known adventure company in Bali and previously under the name Bali Adventure Tours. This is one of the 4 best Bali Rafting Adventures companies that take their customers to an exciting rafting experience. You will have the experience to explore beautiful rivers with steep walls and beautiful scenery along the way. Meanwhile, experienced and trained personnel will always take care of their customers with friendly service. On the other hand, complete and well-maintained facilities will provide more value for this adventure. So, Mason Adventure is the right reference for the 4 best Bali rafting adventures to fill your holiday in Bali.


ayung river, rafting, logo

IDR 540,000
per person

ayung river, bali, rafting, ubud, bali rafting, ayung river rafting, ayung river ubud, paddling boat
Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting is one of the 4 best Bali rafting adventures that provide rafting adventure on the Ayung River. Furthermore, they provide adventure rafting starting from Carangsari Village and ending in Bongkasa Village. And even, Bali Elephant Camp is an Elephant sanctuary that you can find on a rafting start point. Also, the company offers rafting with a duration of 2 hours along 8 km. Your adventure will be very exciting to explore the beautiful river with cliffs and stunning natural scenery. On the other hand, complete facilities with international standards and skilled personnel will make your adventure comfortable and enjoyable. A gourmet lunch is served at a restaurant at the end of your adventure. A nice lunch while enjoying fresh air and valley views will make your own holiday experience.


club aqua, bali, international, rafting, logo

per person

 international. rafting,

Bali International Rafting is one of the 4 best Bali rafting adventures providing adventure rafting on the Telagawaja River. Furthermore, the adventure of rafting with this company will lead you to an exciting rafting adventure in the eastern part of the island of Bali. While it’s an adventure of rafting you will explore beautiful rivers with amazing natural scenery along the way. So, this will be a different thing in your vacation in Bali. Also, facilities with international standards are available and will make your trip more comfortable and safe. On the other hand, experienced and friendly people will make your adventure memorable. Also, poaching on the Telagawaja River is a challenging adventure. Clear and slightly heavy river water will make your adventure more exciting. So, this is the right reference of the 4 best Bali rafting adventures that you need to try.

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