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Bali Elephant Ride offers the 3 best choices of Bali elephant tour riding attractions. This is an interesting and exciting tourist attraction by riding a Sumatran elephant in an elephant sanctuary in Bali. Furthermore, you will get an amazing and memorable experience during your vacation in Bali. This is because we will invite you to do unique activities to ride a tame elephant. Also, you will have the opportunity to explore the pristine nature of the elephant safari park. So, this is your dream come true by riding an elephant while exploring nature on this island of the gods. Meanwhile, an experienced mahout will always accompany you and explain information about elephants during this elephant tour.


We offer 3 of the best elephant tours on the island of Bali with excellent service. Both elephant tours in Bali Elephant Ride will take you to a different experience from other places on the planet. Furthermore, we have worked with them and have shown a perfect record in service to customers for more than 2 decades. Among the two elephant tours, each of these operators has its advantages. On the other hand, they have obtained an elephant breeding license that complies with international animal care standards. Also, they will spoil you with world-class public facilities during this tour. So, you will still feel comfortable and happy and come home with beautiful memories. In Bali Elephant Ride, you can find the 2 best elephant tours on this island of paradise.

Mason Elephant Park

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IDR 1,150,000
per person

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Mason Elephant Park

Mason Elephant Park, formerly known as Bali Adventure Tours, has initiated since 1997 to provide this attraction. Furthermore, we will invite you to an exciting and memorable experience. On the other hand, you will enjoy an elephant tour guided by a professional mahout to explore beautiful elephant parks. And also, you can see the unique collection at the elephant museum located inside the elephant park. You will be able to watch elephant attractions in elephant shows in this elephant park. Meanwhile, your elephant tour will be complete with gourmet lunch in a beautiful restaurant with a view of the elephant park. This is truly a world-class elephant tour that you should not ignore in your holiday agenda in Bali.

Bali Elephant Camp

IDR 880,000
per person

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Bali Elephant Camp offers elephant tours to explore elephant camps in Carangsari Village. This elephant tour on Bali Elephant Ride is an exciting and memorable tour for everyone. Furthermore, this elephant tour will take you to explore pure nature on the river cliff while riding a Sumatran elephant. Meanwhile, professional and friendly mahout will patiently accompany you during this elephant tour. They are happy to provide comprehensive information about this tour. So, you will feel happy and comfortable during the elephant tour at Bali Elephant Camp. On the other side, you can enjoy the fresh air while hearing the sounds of birds and other animals in the wilderness surrounding it. Also, you can combine this tour with adventure rafting because of one location with Ayung River Rafting. Your experience in Bali elephant ride at Bali Elephant Camp will be complete with lunch in a beautiful restaurant.

Elephant Ride with Zoo Experience

bali zoo, logo

IDR 946,000
per person

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Elephant Expedition at Bali Zoo

Bali Elephant Ride at Bali Zoo gives its sensation and experience on your holiday in Bali. This is because you will take an elephant tour while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature around Bali Zoo. You will get 4 advantages in this elephant tour package. The four advantages include riding an elephant 15 minutes, admission fee for the zoo, jungle splash and meeting animals and shows. So, the elephant tour at Bali Zoo is a different elephant tour with elephant riding tours elsewhere. You can get multiple benefits in one price. So, this elephant tour is a suitable tour for you and your family. On the other hand, all animals in this zoo including Sumatran elephants have received treatment by international animal care standards.

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