Nusa Dua Hotels and Sawangan Hotels

Nusa Dua Hotels is a luxury hotel complex at the most famous exclusive resort area as well as Sawangan hotels complex. The majority of hotels are five-star international hotels and resorts existing in this place. Furthermore, Nusa Dua resorts area is well featured by famous of long white sandy beach, blue seawater and the sea breeze that captivates every guest to stay and enjoy their vacation. Moreover, the Nusa Dua resort area is intentionally designed for the high-class hotels in Bali and set in the premium location. And also, Nusa Dua Hotels Area is covered by high-level security and far from the local community makes it more exclusive and comfortable. Also, most of Nusa Dua Hotels offers luxury rooms, restaurants, bars, and beautiful white sandy beach thus are very ideal for relaxation during your vacation in Bali.

Nusa Dua Hotels consist of many 4 until 5-star hotels with a local and international chain. All of Nusa Dua Hotels provides luxury and comfortable rooms, beautiful landscape garden, international standard facilities, and friendly Balinese charming staff services. Moreover, most of them have direct access to the beautiful white sandy beach with calm seawater that ideally for swimming. Each guest will be pampered with complete hotel facilities. And also, the international public facility includes restaurants, museum, shopping centre, thither and bars. Therefore, Nusa Dua Resorts area offers the most prestigious hotels in Bali as your choice accommodations.

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Nusa Dua Hotels – Nusa Dua Resorts as a result below:

The Westin Resort at Nusa Dua Bali


five star, 5 star

beach sundeck, beach sundeck westin resort, westin resort, westin resort, westin resort nusa duaFrom IDR

It is a luxury resort with international facilities set on the golden sand of Nusa Dua offers luxury rooms.  Details information is here, Furthermore

 Grand Hyatt Bali


five star, 5 stargrand hyatt, grand hyatt bali, grand hyatt nusa dua, nusa dua, beach front hotels, nusa dua beach front resortsFrom IDR

One of Hyatt International chain hotels with beautifully designed of Balinese architecture. Also, lush tropical garden is set in front of the golden sand beach of Nusa Dua. Furthermore

The Laguna Resort


five star, 5 starlaguna resort bali, laguna resort nusa dua, laguna resort spa, laguna resort spa nusa dua, laguna resort spa bali, nusa dua resort, bali resort, deluxe garden view, deluxe garden view nusa dua, deluxe garden view laguna resort, garden view nusa dua, garden view laguna resort, garden view laguna resort baliFrom IDR

The Laguna Resort is one of luxury Nusa Dua Hotels resort. Even more, the hotel is designed with Balinese architecture and furthermore

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel


five star, 5 starnusa dua beach hotel, nusa dua, nusa dua beach, bali hotel, nusa dua beach bali, main pool nusa dua beach hotel, nusa dua poolFrom IDR

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel reflects pure Balinese touch and beautiful landscape garden offering luxury guest rooms. Furthermore

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort


five star, 5 starsofitel bali, sofitel nusa dua, sofitel beach resort, sofitel bali beach resort, sofitel nusa dua beach resort, sofitel bali nusa dua, nusa dua beach resort, bali beach resort, bali resort, nusa dua resort, swimming pool, swimming pool sofitel bali, swimming pool sofitel nusa duaFrom IDR

Sofitel Bali is one of five-star resort managed by Accor hotel management set on the golden beach of Nusa Dua. Furthermore

Melia Bali Resort


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Melia Bali Resort is set at the beachfront of Nusa Dua with the unique sanctuary of exotic beauty. Hence, is the right place for those who seek a dream vacation in the paradise island. Furthermore

Ayodya Resort Bali

five star, 5 starayodya resort pool, ayodya, ayodya resort, ayodya resort bali, ayodya nusa duaFrom IDR

Ayodya resort painstakingly blends the hospitality and grace of Bali engaging people.  The hotel has own standard service and luxury rooms, complete with facilities, etc. Furthermore

Innaya Putri Bali


five star, 5 starinaya putri bali, inaya bali, nusa dua resort, bali resort, bali hotel, nusa dua hotel, nusa dua villa, bali villa, nusa dua pool, bali pool, inaya putri bali poolFrom IDR

Innaya Putri Bali is one of new Nusa Dua Hotels blessed with an expansive 9,1-hectare green garden merge seamlessly white sand beach of Nusa Dua. Furthermore

Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua


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Courtyard Bali is a sophisticated hotel with luxury guest rooms, a private beach club and impeachable location in the tranquility of Nusa Dua resort area. Furthermore



five star, 5 staramanusa, amanusa hotel, amanusa resort, amanusa nusa duaFrom IDR

Amanusa is a serene resort within Nusa Dua Hotels with luxury private villas in the south part of Bali overlooking to Bali National Golf and the turquoise water of Indian Ocean. Furthermore

Four Star – Nusa Dua Hotels

 Novotel Nusa Dua


four star, four star level, 4 starnovotel bali, novotel nusa dua, novotel bali nusa dua, nusa dua hotel, bali hotel, swimming pool novotel, swimming pool novotel bali, swimming pool, swimming pool novotel nusa duaFrom IDR

Novotel Nusa Dua is a luxury resort nestled within the exclusive and secured gate Nusa Dua Hotels offers comfortable rooms, complete facilities, and warm Balinese hospitality. Furthermore

 Mercure Nusa Dua


four star, four star level, 4 star

mercure bali, mercure nusa dua, mercure bali nusa dua, bali hotel, nusa dua hotel, swimming pool, swimming pool mercure, swimming pool mercure bali, swimming pool mercure nusa duaFrom IDR

Mercure Nusa Dua is a modern hotel situated within Nusa Dua Hotels offers comfortable guest rooms, international standard facilities, and friendly Balinese charming services. Furthermore

Santika Siligita Nusa Dua


four star, four star level, 4 starnusa dua hotel, bali hotel, santika siligita, santika siligita nusa dua, swimming pool, santika siligita swimming poolFrom IDR

Santika Siligita is reasonable rate with minimalist hotel design. It offers comfortable rooms, world-class facilities, and others.   Furthermore

The Grand Bali Nusa Dua


three star, three star rating, 3 star gradebali hotel, nusa dua hotel, grand bali hotel, grand bali, grand bali nusa dua, swimming pool, swimming pool grand bali, swimming pool grand bali nusa dua From IDR

The resort offers a truly Balinese experience of serenity and hospitality with comfortable rooms. And also,  completed with international facilities and friendly services. Furthermore

Other Hotels at Nusa which is suitable for You, as a result below:

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SAWANGAN HOTELS AREA as a result below:

Sawangan Hotels area is a newly growing resort area set on the white stone hill blessed by the breathtaking view of Bali Strait. It is a luxury resort area with the majority of world-class resorts. While, all resorts are built at top of hills offering luxury accommodations, comfortable rooms, and facilities. And also, the resort features with a magnificent view and friendly services from Balinese charming staff. Hence, Sawangan Hotels Area is now a new favourite place in Bali for thus who love the luxury during a vacation on this island.

Surrounding of Hotels

Mostly the hotel is built in front of Sawangan beach, meanwhile, the hotel built at top hill has own beach club. Hence, for those who stay at the top hill hotel should walk to the beach within 5 minutes or using the hotel shuttle bus. Restaurants and bars are available at the centre of Nusa Dua are called Bali Collection shopping centre. You can find various cuisine from Indonesian food to western food is easy to get it. Hence, a tourist from Sawangan complex hotels takes their lunch or dinner at this place. Furthermore, each hotel at Sawangan complex provides a free shuttle bus to Bali Collection. Therefore,  it is easy to get food even though stay a little bit distance from the shopping centre of the food court area.

Find List of Sawangan Hotels, as a result below:

 The Samabe


five star, 5 starsamabe bali, samabe nusa dua, samabe suites, samabe villas, samabe bali suites and villas, nusa dua villas, bali villas, nusa dua suites, bali suites, swimming pool, swimming pool samabe, swimming pool samabe bali, swimming pool samabe nusa duaFrom IDR

It is a luxury resort with stylish interior design and a typical touch of Balinese art. Located in Sawangan, a new elite resort area in the south part of Bali. See details here,  furthermore

 The Ritz Carlton Bali


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The Ritz Carlton Bali is a beautiful resort among other Sawangan Hotels. While, a word class hotel facilities situated in the tranquility of Sawangan Village, hence its perfect for couple and family travelers.  Furthermore

Hilton Resort Bali


five star, 5 starhilton bali, hilton bali resort, nusa dua resort, bali resort, hilton nusa dua resort, hilton bali nusa dua, swimming pool hilton resort, swimming pool hilton bali, swimming pool hilton nusa dua, swimming pool hilton bali resortFrom IDR

Hilton Resort Bali is a beautiful resort overlooking the magnificent view of the Indian Ocean.  Overlay of white sandy beach is a nice place for relaxing. Furthermore

The Bale


five star, 5 stardouble pavilion, the bale double pavilion, bale, bale nusa duaFrom IDR

It is a luxury and modern villas ha a distance to the center of Nusa Dua Bali Collection. Hence, all guest will be dropped by the hotel car to go to the Bali collection.  Furthermore

Vouk Hotel and Suite


four star, four star level, 4 starvouk hotel, vouk hotel bali, vouk hotel and suite, vouk hotel suite nusa duaFrom IDR

It is one of the modern stylish Hotels successfully blended with Balinese architecture at Sawangan distance to the beach. Therefore, for those who stay at this hotel should use hotel shuttle service to the beach. Furthermore

Swiss Bel-Hotel Segara


four star, four star level, 4 starswiss belhotel, swiss belhotel bali, swiss belhotel segara, swiss belhotel nusa dua, lagoon pool, pool, lagoon pool swiss belhotel segaraFrom IDR

Swiss Bel-Hotel Segara located at the top hill of Sawangan have a distance of the beach. Hence, for all tourist who stays at this hotel should use a shuttle bus to go to the beach  Furthermore

The Shanti Residence


four star, four star level, 4 starFrom IDR

The Shanti Residence is a luxury resort within Sawangan Hotels situated in the tranquility and peaceful with tropical gardens. Furthermore


Find Other Bali Hotels

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