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PT. Bewish International Tour

Bali Star Island / PT Bewish International Tour offers a valuable medical insurance to all costumers. The purpose to hold insurance is get good benefits at hospital if the accidents happened during tours in Indonesia. This medical insurance will cover the medical expenses caused by the accidents. This medical insurance will not take any responsible for all liabilities resulting from the activities conducted outside of our control and / or book through other companies. Furthermore, for those who wants to add travel insurance during trip in Bali and other part of Indonesia, please contact us to get the quotation.

PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia

Premium  Computation:Group Personal Accident
Occupation  of Insured:All registered guest of PT. Bewish International Tour
Territorial limit:Indonesia, 24 hours
Maximum  Sum Insured per person:Please contact us

Coverage and Benefits

We will provide the following benefits up to the limit stated in table of benefit, as a result below :

  1.  Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement
    To pay a lump sum amount if the Insured Person sustain Bodily Injury which results in Death or Permanent Disablement
    Benefit :
  2. Medical Expenses due to Accident
    To cover the Insured Person the actual medical expenses or the reasonable cost for medical and surgical treatment as deemed necessary including hospital costs due to accident and furthermore.
    Benefit :

Extension Coverage
We will provide the following extension coverage as s result below:

  1. Food and drink poisoning
  2. Riot, strike, and civil commotion
  3. Exposure and disappearance (365 days)
  4. Bomb threat, hijack, murder and assault
  5. Kidnapping resulting in death or disablement
  6. Sports activities other than professional and competition and furthermore

General Exclusions

  • Any consequence of war; civil war, invasion, revolution; insurrection, use military power or usurpation of government power
  • Any lost caused by biological, chemical or nuclear terrorism
    Helicopter flying risk and furthermore
  • A participant in any criminal act and furthermore
  • Intentional self-inflicted injury, provoked assault, intoxication, alcohol/drugs abuse and any kind (unless prescribed by a qualified and registered medical practitioner)
  • Insured person in serving in the Armed Forces or any country or international, whether in peace or war
  • Driving or riding in any kind of race involving motorized vehicles
  • As a professional capacity in any kind of sport or when an insured person would or could earn income or remuneration from engaging in such support
  • Sickness or disease, any gradually operating cause, naturally occurring condition or degenerative process
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, or any complication related thereto
  • Any prior physical disability/impairment condition and furthermore

Upper Age Limit

Cover will cease in respect of the Insured Person on the Annual Renewal Date following their 80th birthday.

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