Bali Star Island – Appreciation New Year Party 2010

Appreciation New Year Party 2010 is an award ceremony for all employees, tour guides, drivers and families from Bali Star Island. This event is an annual event dedicated to our employees in recognition of their hard work. And also, this award is for the staff who has a high dedication to providing great support to our company. This is because they are very valuable assets for Bali Star Island to support the running of our travel company operations as the company stands. This Eve Party 2010 Appreciation New Year event took place on December 31, 2010, in our new office. We have just moved from an office that was previously located in Putri Bali Hotel since 2000. We really appreciate all the staff, tour guides, drivers, management and their families attending to celebrate this awarding event.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

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We present this 2010 Eve Party Appreciation New Year event by serving dinner together. Indonesian buffet dinner is a menu that we serve for them with several choices of local food and delicious dessert. All participants were no exception, the children really liked this event. Dinner dishes are not only for adults, even children’s menus are available. Soft drinks with a mixture of several juices also make them dissolve in this event while waiting for the peak event to count down. Evening party events with a simple concept, but can provide memories for all participants.

Award Night

While waiting for the peak of the New Year’s Eve event, we filled the event with awards for Bali Star Island employees. We have provided many prizes or awards ranging from shopping vouchers, and electronic items to activity vouchers. We have drawn the Door Prize that has been provided by the committee fairly. Almost all the employees got the prize and took it home.

Other Bali Star Island Staff Activities

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