Indonesia Tourism News Update

Indonesia Tourism News Update

Bali and Indonesia Tourism Updated on Bali news

We update new information through Bali Update News to present latest progress on Bali tourism. The editor are updating new information constantly. Hence for those who plan to travel to Bali or Indonesia get  proper and credible information.  We publish the topics related to incoming tourist, public facilities, services, etc. These pages are covering all tourism sectors such as hotels, restaurants, golf, spa, adventures, cruises, places of interest, social and cultures activities. Therefore, please stay on this page to get the news update from our editors.

Bali News Update

Bali earthquake shook tourist during holiday, 16 July 2019

bali earthqukae 16 July 2019

Bali earthquake measuring 6 magnitude shook the Bali region right at 07.18 am, Tuesday (7/16) morning. The earthquake happened today at epicenter was at a depth of 68 km at 83 km southwest of Nusa Dua, Bali. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released the earthquake precisely at 9.11 South Latitude and 114.54 East. Furthermore.

Flores, the island with great nature where the place you should go!

flores island tour

Explore Flores is tour package to enjoy the Flores island till meet up with Komodo dragon at National Park. Tour packages is created in 7 Days 6 Nights length is suit for those who are looking for adventure experience.  While in Flores you will spells adventure, eco-tours, and mountain climbing interspersed with visits to prehistoric heritage sites, traditional villages and cultural events. Furthermore.

Wanna to see magnificent Kelimutu in three colored lake the ended at Komodo island? Check it out here !

kelimutu lake Flores

Flores island is covered by rice terraces surrounded by mysterious lakes, waterfalls cascading through river canyons. Along the coast stretches of white sandy beach fringed with coconut palms lead up to fishermen’s villages, and dazzling coral reefs encircle dormant volcanoes that burst out of the sea. The tour packages is created in 8 Days 7 Nights length, Furthermore.

Time to back to Lombok in short trip. Restoration was completely done after quake last year.

lombok island tour package

Lombok island Tour package in 3 Days is exploring the nature of the island and visiting Sasak traditional village. This tour package will encourage you to visit tourist destinations in the island such as Sade, Sukarara and Banyumulek Village. Moreover, we will have the opportunity to explore Gili Island to visit Gili Trawangan to enjoy the island with relaxation. Furthermore.

Economy budget package to BALI. Get it now, it’s really worth on value.

bali package friendly bali

Budget-Friendly Bali Package 4 Nights 5 Days is one of popular on Bali Vacation Packages.  This package offers attractive programs to enjoy Bali with an exotic destination and enjoy several attractive tourist attractions including comfortable accommodations. Moreover, our tour package will pamper you with our hospitality services to make your holiday trips into a memorable one. Furthermore.

Don’t miss out Best 5 Bali temple. The unique place hence you should go

best 5 Bali temple

The best 5 Bali temple show you the beautiful nature and the unique Balinese culture. There are many places of interest at this Paradise Island such as, the beaches, nature and the temples. This blog features good Temples in Bali you should go. hence, this is become one of your guidance during trip to Bali.The biggest temple in Bali located at Besakih Village. Furthermore.

Let’s go to the most beautiful island the world. Sumba Island Indonesia

sumba island tour

Sumba Village Tour 3 Days 2 Night is a new option to explore pure nature at Sumba Island. The island produced very unique weaving ikat which is produced from expert local weavers. One you arrive at Sumba, you will have huge chance to learn the culture and explore the beauty of nature. Instead of famous weaving cloth the island hold many interesting place to be visited such as primitive village, greatest Stonehenge Sumba, stretch of savanna to the ocean. Furthermore.

How to cook Balinese Food ? Join the Chef recipes on Cooking Class program

what's new in Bali on Cooking class

Bali Traditional Cooking Lesson is an exciting activity to learn how to cook Balinese cuisine. Our Balinese Cooking Lesson will take you to an exclusive experience from determining the local ingredient until plating the food. Meanwhile, the professional chef will lead you how to cook on this Bali Cooking Lesson. As a result, you will have 3 courses on this Balinese Cooking Lesson from appetizer, main course until dessert. Furthermore.

New Option ! Cycling at Batur Caldera the soaking at Natural Bali hot spring. Wow very interesting !

batur caldera cycling

This activity is truly new that Lakeside Batur Cycling tour ended at natural Bali hot spring. The trek will enjoy the most spectacular scenery on the valley while coasting down winding roads past volcanic vistas. Along the way you will find secret back streets on traditional Balinese villages and fields. This tour is easy-going and suitable for all fitness levels and ages. Furthermore.

Looking for ideal place to hold incentive dinner party in Bali ? Kayumanis seaside restaurant one of the best.

incentive dinner party in bali

We know that Kayumanis seaside restaurant is nice a place for incentive dinner party in Bali. What the advantages of this place? Surely, we have some reason why introduce such this resto to clients. The restaurant has huge beach deck and comfort dinning room for group party. The location is right on the beach facing to the ocean, thus participants may enjoy nice view. The food in five star level where the chef cook for luxury villas in Bali that are Kayumanis group. Bali news  Furthermore.

Ever been climbed the mountain, try soft trek to Mt Batur

mount batur trekking

Mount Batur sunrise Trekking is one of highlights excursion in Bali for active travelers. This mountain is most popular place to climb in good reason. Not only to get the spectacular views, you touch the nature. Views of the sun bursting onto the horizon in a riot of oranges and yellows and slowly spreading over the caldera and lake below. The trek takes about two hours to reach the peak at 1,717 metres above sea level. Bali news  Furthermore.

Wanna escape for a while from Bali, let go to Lembongan Island

lembongan one day package

One Day Nusa Lembongan Tour Package is an exciting full day tour to explore beautiful nature on the island of Nusa Lembongan. This is a tour package that will take you for an excursion to the virgin Nusa Lembongan region. Furthermore, we have designed this tour perfectly and will provide an amazing experience. This tour starts from your pick-up service in Bali and crosses to Nusa Lembongan by fast boat and then sightseeing and finally back to your hotel in Bali. Bali news Furthermore

Do you know the gate of heaven in Bali, thus join us to Lempuyang Temple Tour

lempuyang temple tour

Lempuyang temple tour recently is the most popular tour to all tourist as gate of heaven. Start to pick you up at hotel then heading to Karangasem in. On the way to this temple you may enjoy to visit some places that are unfamiliar with stunning natural views.  Also, you will enjoy lunch in the middle of your trip. So, the One Day Lempuyang Temple Tour is a truly interesting tour with multiple benefits.  Bali news Furthermore

Padar Island is the most popular on instagram, Komodo trip part 2

padar island komodo

Everyone wants to get a pic at the most popular place on instagram that is Padar Island Komodo. Continuing from part 1 story, that boat cross to Kelor island brought us to see flying bat. That was sunset time, meanwhile thousand of bat out from nest then flew on sky. Furthermore.

Unique Adventure : see a shocking cemetery at Trunyan Village

trunyan village tour

One of secret place at Batur lake reveal the old tradition of Balinese can see through Trunyan Village Tour. This village hold a primitive ritual and ceremony unique in Bali. The inhabitants call themselves the ‘Bali Aga’ or ‘Original Balinese’. The dead body is not buried and just laid out at the ground. Villagers believe that certain trees have the ability to absorb the foul smell of bodies.  Furthermore

An exceptional trip to Komodo National Park – part 1

exceptional trip to komodo

When I thought to have an exceptional trip to Komodo, it was a dream to stay 2 nights 3 days on boat. The day is coming that trip was on April 2019. On the departure date I woke up early morning to catch the flight take of at 10:00 am. We were travelling with a group, all together is 20 persons. Once you arrive at Rinca island you will realize how Komodo dragon look like. Furthermore.

Do you know that Komodo Dragon only alive in Indonesia

komodo national park floresPeoples are curious to know where does Komodo Dragon habitats alive and how the best way to explore the National Park Flores in few days. These question had encouraged our team to find out new services to transfer their needed. Firstly, they should fly from one of domestic route such as Denpasar Bali or Jakarta airport to Labuan Bajo.  What does the meals serve during sail to the island?  Furthermore.

Do you know, Bali is the most popular among honeymooners

bali for honeymooner

Many couple glance Bali for honeymoon because it’s one of the most romantic place in the world. We know that local people are welcome and friendly, is always help in any ways. Moreover, the beach on Bali is spectacular in white sandy at south east meanwhile black sandy at west north coast. Have you ever dream to be one of Honeymoon couple in Bali ? Furthermore.

What does optional tours available for cruise ship dock Bali

cruise ship dock bali

Bali land tour should be one of the best choice for cruise ship dock Bali. After crossing the sea they will excite to see Bali and its culture for short stop over. Indeed, local tour agent are welcome them and offers vary optional either half day or full day tour. Selection of land tour should be adjust to your departure time. Which one is your schedule ? Furthermore.

Cross to Gili ilsand the only 2 hours 30 minutes, Wow so fast

speedboat from bali to Gili island

Cross the sea from Bali to Gili island using speedboat takes only 2 hours 30 minutes. Yes, it is a shorter way to reach Gili island rather than flying to Lombok then cross to the island. The cost is more cheaper and it could minimize your time  hence you have more free time to play on beach.  It is an easy way to reach another island from Bali, isn’t it? Furthermore.

Wanna speed up at Bali Immigration line

Balinese airport Bali

Fast track services make your movement more speedy when arrive at Bali airport. Yes, it is a good solution to release your stress after long haul flight. Our team is ready at airplane gate to welcome you with clear name tag, thus easy to know. Furthermore, you don’t need to stand on long queue at immigration line. Once you plan to visit Bali either on business or holiday, please let us arrange it. We are guaranteed everything will be on your way. Furthermore.

Does Tourism affect Balinese Life ?

Balinese Y generation in traditional culture

We knew that tourism in was growing since 1980 where most of Balinese works as farmer. People who live at village knows each other very well, hence they have strong relationship between themselves. Basic contour that they are friendly, helpful and welcome everyone to who arrive at the island.  Furthermore, basic contour that they are friendly, helpful and welcome everyone to who arrive at the island. Thus, foreigners are happy to integrate with Balinese people  Furthermore.

Unique Balinese baby ceremony 

Balinese baby ceremony and ritualsBali are very famous in the world. Beside on his nature this island also famous with the culture. Many people around the world come to this island to see an amazing culture. Where is different which other country or island. You eyes will spoiled with an attractive culture such as building architecture, tradition or ceremony, and the hospitality of peoples. Why this ceremony become an unique baby ceremony because the purpose of this ceremony is pray to the God.  And wishing the baby always in good condition.  Furthermore.

Jimbaran beach Bali a worth place for kids

Jimbaran beach Bali suit for kidsJimbaran beach Bali is white sandy beach located at South of Bali Island. A long the coast series of Balinese style hotel is available. Meanwhile, beach front is free access to entire guest therefore your kids has a lot of chance play on beach. Thus, each of these hotel provide a family concept, where accommodate the whole family in one room. Meanwhile, beach front is free access to entire guest therefore your kids has a lot of chance to play on beach.  Furthermore

Reborn in Bali, play with Dolphin at the lodge

Dolphin lodge in Bali SeranganSerangan village you will find many kinds of seaweed and fish at the side of road. That’s because the local society have their main job as a fisherman and as a seaweed farmer. Serangan village you will also find one unique place, and your journey will be start from this place. Play with Dolphin at the lodge is one of favorite activities. Furthermore.

Wanna to ride Sumatra’s elephant in Ubud?

elephant ride ubud BaliWhat can you find in this park? in Bali safari park you could be find any Sumatera Elephants that can be hand fed. Taro elephant safari park Bali has 3,5 hectares spaces and get so many of reward in matter of elephant safari park. Sumatran elephants are one of endangered species, protected by the Indonesian government. This Park was build in 2000 by the Minister of Tourism that was opened a great park for visiting in Bali. What can you find in this park? Furthermore.

Do you know the new of Ecotourism in Indonesia

Indonesia new ecotourismndonesia is an unique country that located in South East Asia. Some part of Indonesian are located on equator and by this edition, Indonesia has a huge tropical rain forest. It is not limited to flora however, fauna was also diverse. That is why Indonesia is often the center of the world’s biodiversity. This below list will be show how this country become Indonesia World Class Ecotourism. Furthermore.

Where to Dive, North of Bali has hidden place

North of Bali diving pointBali well known as a great tourist destination around the world, many kind of place interest available here for you to visit and spend your holiday included Bali hidden beauty diving spot. Bali also offer many activities that could be done for you to do in this island in order to complete your journey and make a new experience along your holiday. Furthermore.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Completion

gwk bali, gwk bali project, garuda wisnu kencanaConstruction of the giant statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana in the Cultural Park area of GWK, Ungasan, Jimbaran Bali has finally completed. It takes a very long time almost to 28 years to complete it from the time of planning and design. It starts from the Soeharto President’s era to Joko Widodo. Furthermore..

World Surf League – WSL Bali Pro 2018

world surf league, wsl bali, wsl bali proBali has successfully hosted World Surf League Corona Bali Protected 2018. But, it is not just surfers frothing over the showdown among some of the world’s top surfers. The Indonesian government officials are also stoking about the sport. The competition has run from 03 June through 09 June. Furthermore..

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