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Bali Star Island
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Appreciation Nights are the award ceremony for all Bali Star Island employees who have high dedication to our company. They are a very important asset to keep our company excises to date. In appreciation, we annually hold Appreciation Night Party events and invite all staff and their families to gather, have dinner and celebrate the new year together. This event is held to maintain the intimacy of fellow employees. So, they can get to know each other. And also, they can introduce their families, so that they will be able to form synergy relationships between employees and the company.

Additionally, Bali Star Island is one of the most trusted travel companies on the island of Bali. We have provided services of international class to all guests with a very good reputation. Aside from maintaining quality services to guests, of course, it requires qualified employees too. The harmony of the work scope is the key to the development of the company. Where they are able to create ideas and creativity to support the progress of Bali Star Island.


Appreciation Night Party – 31 December 2011

appreciation night party, bali star island, staff, employees

We held the 2011 Appreciation Night Party in our office by involving all employees, guides and their families. The event can create an atmosphere of harmony between employees and their families. We have provided the buffet dinner with Indonesian cuisine. Meanwhile, entertainment in the form of back-sound music accompanied during the event and one of our staff guided it from start to finish. It has a wonderful night we joined together until the count down over. Furthermore..

Appreciation Night Party – 31 December 2010

new year eve party, bali star island staff

For the 2011 new year celebration, we have held a Appreciation Night Party with New Year Eve Dinner on December 31, 2010 in our office. This event takes place from 7 pm until the countdown ends. As always, we have provided a buffet dinner with various choices. We have also provided fresh drinks and award prizes in the form of activity vouchers. All staff and their families are very happy and appreciate this event. The party was very warm with the presence of all staff and their families. Even though the weather was a little unfriendly due to the rainy season, our event continued smoothly. Furthermore..

Appreciation Night Party – 31 December 2009

On December 31, 2009, we held a New Year Party event in a vehicle warehouse. This place is also part of the area of the house of one of our staff. This event was very lively with the presence of all employees and management from Bali Star Island. The Balinese dance performance from the children of our staff also enlivened the event. As always, we have provided buffet dinners with fresh drinks. This event is a memorable event for us and all Bali Star Island employees. We miss events like this to build harmony between employees and management. Furthermore..

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