Team Building – Singaraja Cycling Bedugul

10th Bali Star Island Anniversary
PT. Bewish International Tour

Singaraja Cycling Bedugul and Team Building is an extraordinary activity on the 10th anniversary of the Bali Star Island company. This activity involves all employees of PT Bewish International Tour along with tour guides, drivers, management and their families. This incentive activity has lasted for 1 night and 2 days in two different places. We joined together to do cycling in Singaraja, a city in the northern part of Bali. While the next day, we participated in team-building activities in Bedugul. This is an impressive agenda that has brought us to an atmosphere of togetherness and getting to know more about employees, management and their families. 

Also, we conduct Team Building activities aimed at forming strong individual characters, solid teamwork, understanding each other, focusing on company goals and improving communication. So, we can make a good contribution to the company. In fact, we can increase work productivity by taking effective and efficient action.

More About 10th Bali Star Island Anniversary Event

First Day – Singaraja cycling  Bedugul adventure

We departed together from our office located in Jimbaran by using a bus in the morning. This trip has taken the direction of Pupuan and stopped in Busung Biu Village. Here, we begin cycling to Lovina and pass through the small town of Seririt. A very enjoyable cycling adventure by pedalling a mountain bike through rice fields, countryside and traditional markets. A cycling trip stops at Aditya Beach Resort, a beautiful resort on a quiet beach. This resort stands together with other hotels in Lovina.

We enjoy a buffet lunch at a restaurant with beautiful sea views. And also, we have time to rest and relax on the beach while enjoying the sea breeze. After that, we go back to Bedugul to check-in at a hotel. We enjoy dinner together at the hotel and after that gather in the courtyard while enjoying the bonfire. Grilled corn and baked cassava are the right local dishes while singing together to circle the bonfire.

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Second Day – Team Building Amazing Race

We have carried out team building activities to arouse the enthusiasm of all our employees with fun game choices. The game includes a treasure hunt, garden team building and we close with the traditional boat race. On the other hand, Bedugul is a famous place located 1000 meters above sea level with cold air surround it. And also, this place has favourite tourism attractions such as Beratan Lake, Ulun Danu Tempe, Bali Botanical Garden, Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake

Finally, we decided to return to Denpasar after enjoying lunch together at the edge of the lake. This trip is really fun and provides memories that are hard for us to forget among other company anniversary events.

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