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CSR Charity Activities was done by Bali Star Island / PT Bewish International Tour a legal travel company established in 1998. It has obligations and social responsibility for environmental life in this world. We have committed ourselves to helping the people who are still living in poverty through a charity program. And also, we have carried out social activities to help people in our environment and even far outside our offices through CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility). Therefore, through this activity, we can help the poor to rise from the deterioration of their lives. In fact, Balinese people have noble cultural roots that they must maintain and require high effort and cost. On the other hand, we are present as part of them and contribute as much as we can. We are armed with a sense of tolerance, compassion and helping others. So, we carry out these sustainable charity or CSR activities.

In addition, we also open the door for you to participate in this event, so that people who are still living in the poverty can enjoy their lives properly. Moreover, we will set aside every advantage of the product and service that our customer purchase through Bali Star Island to support this activities. This will make our customers as one of the donors for this CSR and charity activity directly. For those of you who want to join these activities, then you can send your aid to us or you can contact our team directly.

Our Charity and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

CSR Charity Activities – Corporate Social Responsibility in Lovina

Bali Star Island team and family have been doing social activities in one of the Nursing Homes in Lovina, north part of Bali. We do this CSR activity as a sense of our social responsibility towards the existence of nursing homes on the island of Bali. We are very happy to help them to clean all the rooms in the nursing home. Our team start doing this cleaning service from the yard, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Even though our efforts are still small, at least it can help make their environment clean and comfortable.

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Charity Activities

Bali Star Island has done charity activities in Bali several times. We have visited several orphanages in this island of god to share and talk with children. We are here to give help, tell stories, sing and play with children so that they look very happy.

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Help People

We feel happy because we can help people who live in poverty on the island of Bali. There are still Balinese people who still live in poverty, poor and even have no home to live in. They were forced to live in a hut on local residents’ land. We come and bring a little help, hopefully, it can ease the burden of their lives.

bali charity, help people

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