Borobudur Tour Experience
9th Bali Star Island Anniversary
PT. Bewish International Tour

Borobudur Tour Experience is one of the events on the anniversary of the Bali Star Island company. We have done it in April 2008 on 9th Bali Star Island Anniversary. As one of the reliable travel companies in Bali, Bali Star Island often makes incentive programs for all its employees. This time, we went to Yogyakarta for an excursion to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. We came with all staff, tour guides and management to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the company. We spent 1 night and 2 days in Yogyakarta and explored the whole city. And also, we visit places of interest in Central Java. We call this trip as Borobudur Tour that provided extraordinary memories. The experience of visiting tourist attractions in Yogyakarta has given us more value. This is because we also sell travel products to Yogyakarta with interesting tour options.

Look at Our Experience on Borobudur Tour

First Day – Bali Borobudur Tour

On the first day, we departed from Bali to Yogyakarta by morning flight. When we arrived in Yogyakarta, we were welcomed by our tour guide there. Next, we started the Borobudur Tour by using an air-conditioned bus and for almost 2 hours. We explored the entire Borobudur Temple building and saw beautiful reliefs. It tells a very unique story of the Buddha’s journey. After that, we explore again to Mendut Temple and have lunch at a local restaurant. Finally, we returned to Yogyakarta and checked in at Santika Hotel. Meanwhile, at night, we come out to Yogyakarta City while enjoying local food with Yogyakarta-style cuisine.

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Second Day – Prambanan Temple Tour – Back to Bali

On the second day, we checked out of the hotel. Afterwards, we immediately went to Prambanan Temple for sightseeing while seeing the splendour of the temple. A Hindu temple complex that stands on the ground near the airport. After that, we continued our trip to the centre of Yogyakarta by visiting places of interest such as Sultan Palace, Taman Sari and Fort Vredeburg Museum. And also, we go for shopping to buy souvenirs from Yogyakarta. Finally, we returned to Bali to end this very impressive trip.

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