Komodo National Park Tourism Maps Provide Komodo Island Map

Komodo Island Map is one of the Komodo National Park Tourism Maps. Furthermore, Komodo Island Map provides a clear picture of Komodo Island’s location in the famous national park. Meanwhile, Komodo Island is situated in 1,817 kilometres square area of Komodo National Park with mountains and savanna covering the surface. It is the biggest island in the park as a sanctuary for Komodo Dragons from extinct issues. The island is well featured by a white sandy beach, dry hills and savannas where the dragons and other wild animals are free-living in their habitats. And also, Komodo Island is also featured many diving spots surrounding the island. Loh Liang or Liang Bay is one of the famous access points to the island. Our Komodo Island Map is very useful for tourists who want to visit Komodo Island or join Komodo Dragon Tours.

Komodo Island Map within Komodo National Park

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Map of Komodo Island

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We are proud to provide other Komodo National Park Tourism Maps as the information as well as travel guides for tourists to explore the park. Moreover, you can find details places of interest in Komodo National Park or other spot attractions through the maps. Therefore, the popular site maps are available through this page.

Komodo Island Map, A Travel Guide during Komodo Dragon Tours to Visit Komodo Island

We are proud to provide Komodo Island Map as a travel guide during Komodo Dragon Tours to visit Komodo Island. Therefore, there are several Komodo Tour Packages that you can select and you will visit this beautiful island. In addition, Komodo Island Map also guides you to locate the best places for trekking adventures and relaxation.

Komodo Island Tours 1 Night and 2 Days Packages

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