Yogyakarta Palace where you find the image of Kraton Jogjakarta

Sultan Palace Yogyakarta Map is a tourism map presenting the details information about Yogyakarta Tourism as well as places of interest including the location of Kraton Jogja. Sultan Palace is a complex of palace where the Yogyakarta’s King stay along with their family as well as their musketeers. This palace is also well known as Kraton Jogjakarta built by Hamengkubuwono I. Furthermore, Hamengkubuwono I is the first king of Yogyakarta in the year 1756. its location is strategically in the centre of Yogyakarta City close to the governmental activities, other tourist destinations as well as a shopping centre. Meanwhile, the palace is well featured by various old buildings with each function, the heritage items, culture performances and custom lifestyle. Also, we provided a map of Sultan Palace Yogyakarta for your travel guides during Yogyakarta Tours.

Map of Sultan Palace Yogyakarta

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