Bali Star Island Tour – Appreciation Night Party 2011

Appreciation Night Party 2011 is a new year celebration event as well as a night of appreciation for all Bali Star Island employees. This event is an annual event to give special attention to all employees, tour guides, drivers and their families. We joined that night to enliven New Year’s Eve. We are very happy because of the presence of all our employees with their families, so we know each other. The Bali Star Island team feel very enthusiastic and happy with this event where we can gather and meet. They can share stories and get to know each other. This is a very meaningful night for us and the management of Bali Star Island rewards its employees. A truly wonderful night where we started with dinner together, listening to music while drinking together, chatting with friends, receiving awards and celebrating the turn of New Year’s Eve.

Dinner on Appreciation Night Party 2011

family dinner, appreciation night. appreciation night party, 2011

Our Appreciation Night Party 2011 program started with dinner together. A buffet dinner is provided by our team with local and Indonesian cuisine. Meanwhile, back sound music accompanied our program that night. The atmosphere of intimacy with the meeting of all employees and their families was very visible in the beautiful evening program. We have arranged many seats with long tables so that the atmosphere of the night is warmer and more relaxed. On the other hand, children really enjoyed the program that night. They played with their new friends in the office yard where the award night was held. Meanwhile, their parents shared stories with their colleagues while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Night Award, Door Prize and Countdown

staff award, appreciation night. appreciation night party 2011

We also celebrate the Appreciation Night Party 2011 program by giving awards to our employees who have achieved high dedication to the company. And also, many door prizes that we share for them such as shopping vouchers, activity vouchers and electronic goods. We do things like this is to give the highest appreciation to our employees. Because they are valuable assets for the sustainability of Bali Star Island in this world of global competition. This is a very meaningful night for us and our family. On the other hand, we still maintain our commitment to provide the best service for all our customers. By building a spirit of togetherness like the evening program, we are sure that we will always provide the best service for our guests.

Other Bali Star Island Staff Activities

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