Bali Buddhist Wedding Package Offers Ceremony, Blessing and Party

Bali Buddhist Wedding Package is a complete wedding package with a marriage procession using Buddhist ordinances. This wedding package will deliver the wedding couple to run the marriage procession smoothly. Our package will arrange the wedding procession starting from the arrangement of documents to the implementation of the wedding ceremony. Moreover, we can offer a wedding party package that we customize to your liking. As one of the most reliable wedding planners in Bali, we are happy to take care of your wedding procession. So, everything can run smoothly. Therefore, free yourself from confusion to take care of this detailed event by contacting us. Our team will be very happy to help you to realize your dreams in Bali.

Bali Buddhist Wedding Procession

Buddhist Wedding Procession

The Buddhist Wedding Procession can only be held at the Vihara or Buddhist Temple. This is because marriage with Buddhist ordinances is a very sacred event. A Buddhist Monk will lead the series of the wedding ceremony at the Vihara. He cannot give blessings outside of the temple. This Buddhist marriage procession will invite prospective bride and groom and families includes witnesses to attend at the temple. A Buddhist Monk will give prayers and blessings to the bride and groom. And after that, the signing of the certificate will be done to complete the process of this religious marriage ceremony. This also applies to the bride and groom who have previously performed a wedding procession and only carry out wedding blessings based on Buddhist ceremonies.

Wedding Party

The wedding party can be done after the Buddhist wedding procession at the place determined by the bride and groom. The party venue can refer to public places such as hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants or other wedding venues. We will arrange your wedding party from themes, decorations, entertainment, lighting to the menu. We offer a flexible package and you can custom according to your wishes. The choice of party venue and other arrangements will affect the price we offer. For that, we always open the door for you to discuss to organize the most important event in your life.

Document Requirements

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
  • Copy of the valid passport of the bride and groom. Each passport must be valid for at least 6 months from entering Indonesia.
  • A copy of valid passport for two witnesses.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate. It must be legalized by a solicitor or the Embassy/ Consulate General in Bali or other regions in Indonesia).
  • Letter from both parents/guardians. It states that there is no objection to the marriage.
  • Legalized written statements confirming the status of each individual (single/ widow/ widower/ divorcee etc.).
  • For widow/widower must present a copy of dead certificate of the former spouse.
  • For widow/widower must present a copy of dead certificate of the former spouse.
  • The original Certificate of No Impediment. The original Certificate of No Impediment. This certificate is issued by an authorized local party in the country where the prospective bride lives before living in Indonesia. Or, an Ambassador from the country of origin of the bride and groom. Or their Consulate General in Indonesia can also issue this certificate.
  • Fill out some forms such as booking form, wedding arrangement form and civil form.
  • 10 pieces of couple photograph size 4 x 6 cm. The groom position on the right side of the bride.

Our Services

  • Documentations
  • English speaking celebrant
  • Logistic Support for Events
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage for Party
  • Accommodations
  • Decoration Design
  • Event Programs Design
  • Transportation

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