Bali Religious Wedding Packages – Procession and Ceremony

Bali Religious Wedding Packages are a selection of attractive wedding packages with complete benefits. We offer religious wedding packages with wedding ceremonies following the religion of the bride and groom. And also, the marriage refers to the marriage law in Indonesia (UU No.1 of 1974 about marriage). The religious wedding ceremony will be held before the civil ceremony. It will take you to a wonderful experience and full of memory. Religious Wedding Ceremony will only run accordin to the religion registered in Indonesia. There are 6 religions recorded in this republic are Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

As one of the wedding planners in Bali, we offer very attractive religious wedding packages. We will design your wedding carefully and accurately. Our services will cover a variety of wedding arrangements until the event is complete. We, together with an experienced team will realize your dreams on this island of the gods.

Religious Wedding Traditions

Since the existence of 6 religions in Indonesia, each religion has a different tradition. The tradition of religious wedding ceremonies will refer to the bible, local culture and local customs. We have already realized that wedding ceremonies are very complex and attention to details. So, here we offer several Religious Wedding Ceremony packages with attractive benefits.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

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Catholic Wedding in Indonesia in particular Bali will be led by the Catholic Priest. He is commonly called ROMO. All religious wedding procession must be according to Catholic tradition. Catholic wedding processions must run in a church and this takes place before a civil ceremony. Meanwhile, you can follow a civil ceremony at the place you want. We offer many interesting wedding venues on our site. And maybe one of them is interesting to you. We fully understand that your wedding event is very important in your life. Therefore, we are here to help with managing your wedding in Bali. Furthermore.

Christian Wedding Ceremony

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Christian Wedding Ceremony is a wedding procession according to the Christian Religion. It is led by a Christian Celebrant and mostly called PASTOR. It will bring you a simple way to get married in Bali. Moreover, you can determine a suitable place for this ceremony. And also, we offer you the best selection for wedding venues according to your requirements. Also, you will also take part in this ceremony before the civil ceremony. You can find more details about Christian wedding ceremonies on our site. Furthermore.

Hindu Blessing Ceremony

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Wedding ceremony following Balinese Hindu procession is very unique and interesting. The Balinese Hindu Blessing ceremony is a ceremony of blessing marriage so that your marriage can last until the end of time. It is not a full Hindu legal wedding purpose. And also, it only takes a part of whole ritual processions. It is ideally designed for who wish to experience on Balinese Wedding Procession. However, the only where the formal wedding has been conducted previously. However, the bride and groom have to do the previous marriage process. So, this process is a marriage blessing ceremony with Hindu rituals. Furthermore.

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

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The Buddhist Wedding Ceremony is only able to be executed at a Buddhist Temple or Vihara. It is according to the regulation from the Buddhist community called WALUBI. And also, the MONK (the Buddhist Celebrant who lead the wedding procession) are not allowed to enter the hotels/villas or other wedding venues. However, the wedding couple can celebrate the wedding party where they want. They can determine the wedding party venue with arrangements according to the wishes of the bride and groom. We will make your wedding event run smoothly. Furthermore.

Islamic Wedding Ceremony

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Penghulu is a name of Muslim celebrant who led the religious wedding ceremony for a Muslim couple. Meanwhile, Nikah is the most famous word for wedding among the Muslim community. It is one of the legal wedding ceremonies which can be held at your best choice of wedding venue. Each bride and groom will receive a marriage certificate after this ceremony. Also, a religious affairs office will issue the certificate and submit it to the bride and groom. Hence, this indicates that they have legitimately become husband and wife. Furthermore.

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