Legal Wedding Procession and Ceremony

BBali Full Legal Wedding is a legal wedding package service for couples who want to get married in Bali. Our Full Legal Wedding Package will make it easy for you to arrange your wedding agenda. Wedding ceremony is a very sacred and meaningful event in every couple in this world. Therefore, we provide a full package service for your wedding. This can include managing small things to the top of the event. So, your wedding will find an impression that is difficult for you to forget in your life. Beautiful and romantic memories will make your life full of impressions.

Bali Full Wedding Procession

Bali Full Legal The wedding procession will go through two steps. You will live together both of steps. Firstly, you will follow your religious procession according to your respective religion. Secondly, you will undergo a civil ceremony procession. A priest from your religion will lead your religious ceremonies. There is a priest from Catholic, a Minister for Protestant, a celebrant for Hindu and Buddhist or a Penghulu for Muslim. The Certificate of No Impediment or similar documents are issued by your consulate/embassy representative. Also, Each bride and groom must be able to show important documents in a civil ceremony procession. Bali Full Legal Wedding will desire the Certificate of No Impediment based on the wedding couple’s nationality. The wedding couple will receive two certificates at the end of the ceremony. The certificates include a certificate from church and another one from the Civil Registration Office.

Documents to Support Bali Legal Wedding

This is very important to highlight even legal marriages on the island of Bali. And also, it is similar rules for other regions in Indonesia. Therefore, each bride and groom must submit important documents for the official wedding ceremony.

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  • Copy of valid passport for both couple wedding. Each passport must be valid for at least 6 months from entering Indonesia.
  • Copy of valid passport for two witnesses.
  • Birth Certificate (the copy must be legalized by a solicitor or by the individual’s Embassy/ Consulate General in Bali or other regions in Indonesia).
  • Letter from both sets of parents/guardians. It must state that there are no objections to the marriage.
  • An official statement stating and confirming each bride and groom about their marital status. This marital status includes widowers, widows, singles, divorces and so on.
  • For widow/widower must present a copy of dead certificate of the former spouse.
  • Copy of Divorce Certificate if you have divorced from a former  marriage.
  • The original Certificate of No Impediment. A Certificate of Non-Impediment is issued by the local authorities where the individual lives in. It must be issued in his/ her home country (before leaving for Indonesia). Or, they can arrange through their respective Embassy or Consulate General in Bali. And also, they can arrange it in Jakarta (after arriving in Indonesia).
  • To fill the booking form, wedding arrangement form and civil form.
  • 10 pieces of couple photograph size 4 x 6 cm. The groom position on the right side of the bride.

Our Services and Facilities

Bali Star Island is proud to offer services to arrange legal wedding ceremonies in Bali. We will provide our best services with the support of our reliable and experienced team. We will perform your wedding event to run smoothly. The types of services include:

  • Documentations.
  • English Speaking Civil Minister.
  • English Speaking of Religion Minister (Priest/Pastor)
  • Liturgy.
  • General Affair for Legal Official Permits and Wedding Certificate.
  • Pre-wedding Meeting Services.
  • Logistic Support for Events.
  • Entertainments.
  • Food and Beverage for Party.
  • Accommodations.
  • Decoration Design.
  • Event Programs Design.
  • Transportation.


We offer a very realistic wedding legal package with attractive benefits. And also, our wedding package prices are very reasonable. In addition, our prices will depend on the wedding venue, type of ceremony, wedding reception, number of invitations and other arrangements. Therefore, we are very open to making custom wedding legal Bali packages that we will suit your needs. For this reason, don’t hesitate to contact our team and they will provide the best service.

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