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Bali Islamic Wedding Package offers a complete package with an Islamic wedding ceremony. Our package will make it easier for prospective brides to undergo their marriage procession in Bali. As an experienced wedding planner, we will take care of your marriage in Islam. And even, we also offer wedding party packages that add to your wedding more memorable. Our package will also facilitate you to arrange documents for the Office of Religious Affairs to record the validity of your marriage in Bali. And also, this wedding package will take you to the Ijab qobul procession by presenting the celebrant (Penghulu) to validate your marriage. Or, you just want to celebrate your Islamic wedding in Bali, so we will help you to make a festive party. For that, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will help you happily.

Bali Islamic Wedding Package Procession

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Islamic Wedding Procession is an Islamic procession of marriage and this procession is very simple. The main procession in this marriage is Ijab Qobul. This is an important procession where the bride and groom must make a promise in front of the Penghulu. Besides that, this event will be witnessed by each witness. The presence of the guardian of the bride and groom must attend the event to ratify the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, the bride must hand the dowry to the guardian of the bride. Ijab Qobul Ceremony is an Islamic procession of marriage which has very important meanings. Therefore, the bride and groom must go through this procession before going to the wedding party. After that, the bride and groom will receive each Marriage Book issued by the Office of Religious Affairs as a sign that they are legitimate to become a married couple.

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Documents Requirements

  • Copy of the valid passport of the bride and groom. Each passport must be valid for at least 6 months from entering Indonesia.
  • A copy of valid passport for two witnesses.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate. It must be legalized by a solicitor or the Embassy/ Consulate General in Bali or other regions in Indonesia).
  • Letter from both parents/guardians. It states that there is no objection to the marriage.
  • Legalized written statements confirming the status of each individual (single/ widow/ widower/ divorcee etc.).
  • For widow/widower must present a copy of dead certificate of the former spouse.
  • For widow/widower must present a copy of dead certificate of the former spouse.
  • Copy of Divorce Certificate if you have divorced from former marriage.
  • Reference Letter from the office of Religious Affairs (KUA) valid for Indonesian Citizen.
  • 4 pieces of couple photograph size 2 x 3 cm and  3 x 4 cm

Our Services

  • Documentations
  • English speaking celebrant
  • Logistic Support for Events
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage for Party
  • Accommodations
  • Decoration Design
  • Event Programs Design
  • Transportation

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