Batubulan Village as Bali Barong Dance Center and Culture Village for Tourists

Batubulan Village is one of Bali places of interest in west part of Gianyar regency. Furthermore, the identity and image as an art village, Batubulan has been famous in Indonesia and all over the world. It is because, the villagers are very creative with full of art inspirations to create the spectacular Balinese dance performance of Barong and Keris Dance. Barong Dance is a traditionally dance and daily performed at five different stages in this countryside such as Puseh Temple Stage, Tegal Tamu Stage, Denjalan Stage, Sahadewa Stage as well as Sila Budaya Stage. In addition, this tourist attraction is very potential to growth the local people economic sector. And also, Batubulan Village is covering several traditional arts such as dances, artistic of Kerawitan, artistic of idol and article art.

Batubulan Village History and People

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Firstly, Batubulan Village is an agrarian village and slow down change into the art village by existing of stone carving art as well as Balinese dance performances. It come from relying on artistic potential, strategic location, open village network, national, and global. Hence, this village grows as tourist destination. The majority of Bali Tour Packages are putting this village as a starter place to visit on the tour itinerary. Batubulan Village is one of villages as appetizer relationship between regions in Bali Island. This village is located 8 kilometers from Denpasar town as well as 30 minutes from Ubud. Furthermore, it is consisted of three custom countryside such as Desa Adat Tegal Tamu, Desa Adat Jero Kuta as well as Desa Adat Delod Tukad. It has 16 Banjars with population around 11.333 people with 2.775 family based on 2003 census.

More Details About Batubulan Village

Batubulan Village as a Center of Barong Dance Performance

The name of Batubulan is etymologically taken from two word of Batu and Bulan (moon stone). The pre-eminent and fascination of Batubulan Village are Barong Dance as well as stone carving art. This Tourist destination is become famous because of sustainability on tourism fascination. As a tourism object and stone carving business area, many tourists have visited Batubulan Village from morning until evening. In addition, the Barong Dance performance runs from 09:00 am until 10:30 am daily. Meanwhile, Kecak Dance performance runs from 18:00 pm until 19:00 pm.

When to visit Batubulan Village?

Batubulan Village is strategically located in the center of Bali Map so some of tour arrangements insert it into their program like Tour to Ubud, Kintamani Tours, Besakih Temple Tour, Ubud Rafting Tour, Ubud Elephant Ride Tour etc.

Other Popular Bali Tours Possibility to Visit Batubulan Village

Photo Gallery of Batubulan Village


  • Parking Area
  • Public Telephone
  • Food Stall and furthermore
  • Petrol Station
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Supermarket and furthermore
  • Drinks Stall
  • Barong Dance Entertainment and furthermore

Other Places of Interest nearby Batubulan Village

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