Mason Adventures Previously Bali Adventure Tours Offer Complete Adventure Activities

Bali Adventure Tours is an adventure company that was previously known as Bali Adventure Tours program, exciting activities in Ubud. Adventure companies that have a good reputation since Bali stretch in tourism providing the best service and adventure experience with a 5-star level. Furthermore, Mason Adventures has long struggled in adventure activities and provides world-class facilities. So, this has guaranteed the comfort of every guest who joins each adventure activity provided. On the other hand, they have provided complete adventure activities to fill your holiday agenda in Bali. For that, you do not need to feel hesitant to choose one of them and certainly will provide an amazing experience. Meanwhile, Bali Star Island has provided special prices for all these adventure activities. Also, we offer reasonable and affordable prices for everyone.

10 Top Exciting Activities in Ubud

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Single Bali Adventure Tours Activities

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Mason Adventure Rafting
It is a fantastic water rafting adventure to explore the beautiful Ayung River. Furthermore

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Mountain Cycling
Cycling down from Kintamani passing through village.

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Mason Elephant Park
It offers the full experience of elephant ride, watch elephant show.

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Trekking Adventure
This adventure brings you to walk through the rice field and village.

Bali adventure tour program & Packages

 Rafting Tour Packages exciting activities in Ubud

Rafting and Tour Package
It is a popular adventure package between rafting and sightseeing.

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Rafting and Cycling Package
This package is perfect to combine rafting and cycling. Furthermore

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Cycling and Elephant Safari Package
Learn more

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Cycling and Night Safari Package
A favourite adventure package between cycling and night safari.

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Elephant Safari and Tour Packages
Learn more.

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Rafting Night Safari Package
It is taking you to enjoy rafting and Safari Under the Stars

What Activities on Mason Adventures?

Mason Adventures provides a wide range of exciting activities in Ubud. The most popular is the Elephant Park at Taro village, Ubud Bali. Therefore, while entering the park you will see some Sumatra Elephant at the park. Every guest can feed them and take the picture with elephants. When smile on the pic with elephant, don’t you think this is an amazing moment? Also, you can ride the elephants passing green forest and jungle close by the Taro Elephants park. Tours provide a one-hour long ride and 30 minutes short ride program. Furthermore, the family is suggested to choose 30 minutes short ride program. Hence, during the ride trip, the kids must be accompanied by parents. Also, Mason Adventures provide other option should be challenged it on. Similarly, the adventures are white water rafting, mountain cycling and trekking.

What Activities are suited for travellers?

In general, young people are very fond of adventure activities. They are always challenged to try activities that challenge their adrenaline. Mason Adventures has provided all these adventure activities and the most dominant is rafting. Because rafting is an adventure activity in the water and of course many people who want to enjoy this activity. However, the adventure of Sumatran elephant riding is the best alternative for those who want different activities on their vacation in Bali. While for those who like sports, mountain cycling is the main choice because this adventure will take them to explore pure nature in Bali.

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