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True Bali Experience is one of the Best Bali Adventure experiences based in Ubud which is operating various adventure activities. Furthermore, this company established in 1995, operates soft adventures with international standard facilities. As one of the best Bali Adventure Companies has sustainable training for the entire staff and guides to perform world-class services. Hence, on this occasion, Bali Star Island is proud to be a partner of this company and promote all its products. Moreover, we combined our land tour with adventure activities into one of our attractive adventure packages. Also, all adventure activities and tour arrangements are quality tours that will bring you to get an exciting experience.

Adventure Products

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Ayung River Rafting
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Bali Elephant Camp

Bali Adventure Activities at True Bali Experience as a result below:

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Ayung River Rafting
This rafting is a fantastic river rafting to explore 2 until 3 rapid levels.

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Bali Elephant Camp
This is an exciting sensational riding Sumatra Elephant within 30 minutes.

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True Bali Experience Cycling
You have three choices of cycling trails to explore pure natures.

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Bali Horse Riding
It is a fantastic Horse riding passing through beautiful Saba Bay.

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Bali Jungle Trekking
You will get a great experience to explore the tropical jungle.

Bali Tours and Adventure Packages as a result below:

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Elephant Ride and Rafting Package
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Cycling and Rafting Package
You can enjoy cycling and rafting adventure within one day.

cycling elephant

Triple Adventure Package
It is the most fantastic adventure packages combining 3 adventures.

Bali Adventure and Tour Packages as a result below:


Elephant Ride Ubud Tour
It is a spectacular tour package combing elephant riding and Ubud Tour.

Bali Adventure Packages available

We have intentionally designed Bali Adventure Packages by selecting the best adventure activities. Moreover, all the adventure activities are very exciting that give great challenges and impressive experiences. Meanwhile, for the adventure and tour packages are well designed to combine two activities within a day between adventure and sightseeing program. We have assigned the proper packages with best selection of adventures as well as tour arrangement to meet your schedule.

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