Odyssey Submarine Specifications – Bali Submarine Tour

Odyssey Submarine Specifications – Bali Submarine Tour

Odyssey Submarine specifications is featuring a luxury submarine to take you down for diving and discover the exotic undersea world at Amuk Bay. It was designed and built by an affiliation of the world’s leader in submersible technology, International Submarine Engineering Ltd of Vancouver, Canada. Furthermore, the Odyssey II Submarine has constructed to comfort to the most stringent standard. It is positively buoyed and held underwater by powerful vertical thrusters. Moreover, in the event of a power failure, the Submarine would simply rise to the surface. You can find the submarine specification details on this page. Meanwhile, you get back the special offers for Bali Odyssey Submarine HERE.

Odyssey Submarine Specifications

Length overall56 feet
Width13,25 feet
Displacement160.000  lbs
Operating Depth150 feet
Cabin PressureNormal Atmosphere  / Air-conditioned
Passenger Capacity36  passengers
Crew3  crews
Viewports18  x 21.5” side / 1 x 50” front
PropulsionDC battery  powered electric thrusters
Speed1,5& up to 1 knot, submerged

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Five (5) methods of surfacing

  • Positive buoyancy
  • High pressure air to hard tanks
  • High pressure air to soft tanks
  • Vertical thruster
  • Keel drop weight


Bali Submarine Tour

Bali Submarine Tour is new trend for tourist attractions in Bali Island. It is one of the favorite tourist activities to encourage them to view the exotic underwater life. Furthermore, it will take you within 45 minutes diving experiences in a comfortable vessel to explore the beautiful Amuk Bay underwater. Therefore, Bali Submarine Tour is an ideal activity for anyone who love water adventure and it can be customized or combined with land tour activities to visit places of interest in east part of Bali. This combination activity is a perfect choice to experience two different activities those are totally fantastic. You can discover the attractive Bali Tour Arrangements in particular Karangasem Tour through this website.

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