Three Angle Point of Bali – Balinese Life Concept Tri Hita Karana

Balinese Life Concept of Tri Hita Karana is fundamental from the Hindu Religion concept taking three angle points of harmony life concept. The concept of  Tri Hita Karana is very popular as well as implemented throughout Balinese life. Furthermore, it is also implemented by hotels, restaurants and other buildings. Moreover, other countries have also adopted this life concept because very important to keep life balanced on Earth. The Balinese Traditional Architecture is not only monumentally, but also has aspects of philosophies and religion. The cosmogony is the oneness of three worlds (Tri Bhuana) which are called Bhuhloka, Bhwahloka, as well as Swahloka. Each of these worlds (Loka) has a habitat itself.

Tri Hita Karana Concept for Life

In addition of this three concepts cosmogony, it is also own contextual with Hindu Religion Concept. This Balinese Life Concept is called by Tri Hita Karana (three of the harmony or balance to create the peaceful as well as happiness). Tri Hita Karana word is come from Sanskrit Language that has meaning to keep the harmony as well as balance between human to God, human-to-human and human to environment. Furthermore, these three Balinese life concepts are most popular in Bali spread out as follows:


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Parhyangan is one of the three concept related to the god. Furthermore, the human is demanded to keep the harmony and balance with the god. This concept has huge meaning where the Balinese discipline as well as full confidence to do this. It is not only praying at the temple, however it is cover all the activities which has a good thing in the life such as build the temple, cleaning the temple, keep the religion symbols well and a lot of thing we can do on this concept. We can find the application of this concept of life in everyday life in Bali such as local residents in ritual activities in the temple or, in the car or at his house.


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Pawongan in this concept is required to keep the harmony as well as balance between human to human. This concept has emphasized how to keep good relation with others. The simple ways to execute the implementation of this concept are conducting three good things such as good thinking, speaking the good things and execute the good thing. In addition, there are strengths of customs and culture that have governed the lives of Balinese so that they can live in harmony. Mutual respect is the main key in community life in Bali. In addition, there is a special etiquette that must be adhered to for everyone who comes to Bali to respect the local culture here.


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Palemahan is come from Lemah. It is meaning the land or environment. Generally, the Pelemahan in Tri Hita Karana or Balinese Life Concept is all aspects related to the environment. The Balinese has treated the environment well as well as they believe that the good environment will give their life better. We can see the example when Balinese treat the environment on Tumpek Uduh Day (Balinese calendar). On this day, the Balinese give the offerings to the tree with the purpose that the tree has given them prosperity. Moreover, they keep the environments well by cleaning the area with Gotong Royong System, plan the trees based in the right day and much more they can do. Despite, we can still find some garbage in particular plastics in some where but it is a progress to educate them.

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