7 Most Popular Cruise Programs to Lembongan and Nusa Penida Island – Bali Hai Cruises

Bali Hai Cruises provides the 7 most popular cruise programs that tourists love it. These cruises are coming with exciting cruise activities to visit Lembongan Island as well as Nusa Penida. It is one of the best Bali Cruises providing several choices of cruise programs. And also, offers the best quality services with elegant cruise facilities to keep their customer satisfied. Meanwhile, the professional crews with attractive cruise activities will pamper every passenger to enjoy the cruise trips in Bali. Furthermore, Bali Hai Cruises will take you to a fantastic experience to explore beautiful islands with white sandy beaches.

Also, the cruises are well designed using luxury catamaran boat and catamaran sailing that take you to sail from Benoa Port to Lembongan either Nusa Penida Island. It is the best time for you to enjoy fan cruise activities with some cruise programs such as Reef Cruise, Aristocat, Castaway, Beach Club Cruise, Ocean Rafting, Sunset Dinner and Hai Tide Huts.

7 Popular Cruise Programs – Bali Hai Cruises as a result below:

Exploring Lembongan Island and Nusa Penida Island with Bali Hai Cruises

Bali Hai Cruises provides the spectacular sea cruise to Lembongan Island or Nusa Penida Island. Furthermore, Bali Hai Cruises are starting from picking you up at your hotel to drop to Benoa Harbor for departing to Lembongan either Nusa Penida Island. The cruises will take you to the fun experience on each cruise activity such as snorkelling, banana boat riding, village tour, delicious lunch, semi-submersible coral viewer and much more. You can discover the comprehensive ranges of cruise programs at Bali Hai Cruises through this page. Furthermore, please contact our team to get a space and confirmation soon.

Bali Hai Cruises Programs as a result below:


IDR 1,369,000
per person

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It is one of the popular cruise programs on Cruises to visit Lembongan Island using Bali Hai II Cruise Ship with luxury facilities and friendly crews. The cruise ship will moor at alongside purpose build reef pontoon, meanwhile, the passenger will enjoy the fantastic cruise activities such as unlimited banana boat riding, snorkelling, village tour, semi-submersible coral viewer and more. You will completely enjoy the part of favourite Bali Hai Cruises.


IDR 1,369,000
per person

bali, bali hai, cruise, lembongan island, lembongan cruise, beach club, bali hai beach club, beach club cruise

It is the most popular programs on Bali Hai Cruises to visit Lembongan Island and enjoy the beach club facilities including activities. It will take you aboard using Bali Hai II Cruise Ship to visit the island for relaxing on golden sands in the tranquillity Lembongan Bay right on private beach club. Meanwhile, you can still able to enjoy the activities Bali Hai Cruises includes Banana Boat riding, snorkelling, village tour and much more.


per person

bali, bali hai, cruise, lembongan island, lembongan cruise, aristocat, aristocat cruise, beach club, bali hai aristocat cruise

Aristocat Cruise is a part of Cruises taking you to sail on a luxury sailing catamaran to the paradise island of Lembongan. It is the most fantastic Bali Hai Cruises and enjoy a day in the pristine bay at Bali Hai Cruise’s Private Beach Club. Meanwhile, the limited space for the passenger will make your journey comfortable and enjoyable on a lovely sailing trip. You will spend your sunny day with a fantastic experience sailing with this cruise.


IDR 1,549,000
per person

bali, bali hai, cruises, castaway, bali hai cruise, castaway cruise, bali hai castaway, bali hai castaway cruise, nusa penida cruise

Castaway Cruise is one of the popular Cruises with fun day cruise to visit a private beach at paradise island of Nusa Penida, south-east of Bali Island. It will take you to sail on a luxury sailing catamaran into a Crystal Bay of Penida Island. It is an ideal cruise trip to explore the tranquillity island with less people and enjoy the beautiful beach with exotic panorama. This cruise is really fun sailing with an experienced crew to explore the beautiful island in eastern Bali.


IDR 1,389,000
per person

 ocean rafting

Ocean Rafting Cruise is of the fantastic Bali Hai Cruises to take you into a fantastic cruise to explore 3 islands in a day using Bali’s fastest boat. Furthermore, the cruise will bring you to the south coast of Penida Island and view 300 foot high cliffs. As a part of Cruises then you will have the opportunity to enjoy snorkelling and visit beach club as well as seaweed farming village. So, this cruise will provide an amazing experience on your vacation on the island of Bali.


Start From
IDR 1,995,000
per person

 tide huts

Bali Hai Tide Huts is one of the famous Bali Hai Cruises with an overnight cruise program to take you to enjoy a day cruise and overnight stay at Lembongan Island. It is a perfect cruise package to bring you to stay at a unique accommodation concept set on the pristine white sandy beach. As one of Bali Hai Cruises, you can also enjoy attractive cruise activities. Also, this will provide an amazing experience where you are truly out of the city crowd and alone on this beautiful island.


IDR 874.000
per person

sunset cruise

The romantic Cruises to explore Benoa Port with delicious dinner and live entertainments. It will bring you to the fun cruise experience to enjoy a beautiful sunset on board. Meanwhile, the melodies of Trio Batak music performance will accompany your cruise trip. This is a short but romantic cruise with a warm sunset atmosphere while being served delicious food on the cruise ship.

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