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Balinese Dance Tours are the favourite selections on Bali Tours to see the beautiful Balinese dance performance lively. Furthermore, our Balinese Dance Tours are perfectly designed to bring you to enjoy the traditional performances at the appointed theatre. These are good tours with several choices of local dance performances that you can choose with your preferable choices. Moreover, these Balinese Dance Tours can be blended with other Bali Tours to meet your efficient time during your vacation on Bali Island. Also, Bali is rich in the art including dances. Therefore, it is the best time for you to see it and experience the cultural ambience. Meanwhile, our tour guide, as well as a safe driver, will bring you to the proper venue to see these beautiful cultural performances. 

Choice of Balinese Dance Tours

LEGONG DANCE TOUR – IDR 513,000 / person

Legong Dance is the beautiful dance accompanied by Gong Kebyar (Balinese Gamelan) with several Balinese dancers plays the dances. It is one of the favourite choices of Balinese Dance Tours or putting it into the itinerary on Bali Tours. Furthermore, you will see the Balinese girls and men with wriggle their hand, body and eyes. This dance is drawing about princesses of Rangkesari which has been known as a princess with a beautiful face. During the Legong Dance, there are other additional dances can be seen such as Baris Dance, Candrawasih Dance, Panyembrahma Dance and Oleg Tamulilingan Dance. We can see the Legong Dance performance in the evening and also combined with dinner set in a certain restaurant. So, you can see this dance while having a delicious dinner. Learn more.

KECAK DANCE TOUR – IDR 475,000 / person

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Kecak Dance is one of spectacular on Balinese Dance Tours. The dance is also available on other arrangements on Bali Tours. Furthermore, Kecak Dance Performance is usually taken from the story of Ramayana. There are 45 – 80 people playing on this dance that most of them stand as Gamelan instrument. Moreover, it is a very unique dance and not using Gamelan instruments to follow the dance, but they use their voice to replace it. The voice sounds of the mouth are hearing, constantly, noisy and have a good rhythm, compact as well as harmonious. It uses the traditional lighting set in the middle of the dancers. The duration of the Kecak Dance is about 1 hour. Since the story of Ramayana is very complex and long, therefore it will take a part of the story. Learn more.

BARONG DANCE TOUR – IDR 475,000 / person

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Barong Dance is an exciting dance drawing a giant lion played by two people, Furthermore, Barong is a symbol of the good side. This dance is always performing two side of the life influence between ‘bad and good’. Apposite to Barong, there is Rangda symbolizing the bad. Both of them are always apposite each other. Meanwhile, Rangda is drawn as a woman with the hair raising face and she always wants to spread the bad influence to all people in the world. However, Barong is always rescued the moment when Rangda does the bad thing. Gong Kebyar (the orchestra traditional Balinese instrument) accompanies this performance. There are around 50 people need to play this Gamelan. There is also Keris Dance performance during the Barong dance. Keris is a wavy double-bladed dagger are used by the dancer to stick Rangda in order to kill the evil. Learn more.

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