Bali International Event 2007 | Bali Calendar Events

Bali International Event 2007 | Bali Calendar Events

Bali Calendar Event Provides Bali International Event 2007

Bali Island is a beautiful island located in the tropical area with unique cultures and friendly people. The island is well known as an international tourist destination completed with the tourist facilities like hotels, villas, restaurants, beach resorts, bars, adventures, spa, golf, marine sports and others. The international events from meetings, exhibitions, convention, seminars, sport activities until holiday packages are frequently held in this island. Bali Island is also provides complete tourist attractions such as Bali Tours that you can select from Half Day Tours, Full Day Tours and Tour Packages. On this page, we list up coming and past international event in Bali during the year 2007.


It is a big convention that is sponsored by United Nation to discuses about the global warming. This event will be executed in Nusa Dua Bali with 10.0000 participants even more. Date of range : 01 – 15 December 2007

Venue : Bali International Convention Center

Participant : 10.000 participants even more

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