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Bali News 2016 stands on the commitment to provide news about tourism sectors in Bali and other regions in Indonesia. Our new editors have been continuing update the news for our customers. Hence, they will recognize the latest information about Bali or other tourist destination in Indonesia. In addition, Bali News 2016 has compiled the tourism news during the year 2016 that you can find through this website. And also, you can find the latest news that continuously updated by our news editors through Bali Star Island News.

Compilation Bali News 2016

Free Visa Regulations

indonesia free visa, indonesia visa, visa regulationsIndonesia Country has issued the new free visa regulations for foreigner who want to visit Indonesia. This issue is related to the country’s target of foreign tourist achievement this year. In conclusion, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights published a new Ministerial Decree Number 17/2016 on 18 of April 2016. Furthermore..


The Reason Why You Must Have Breakfast Every Day

daily breakfast, breakfastIt is very important to know, why we must have breakfast every day. This article will guide you with comprehensive information about the lifestyle in particular health. We must know the important of food that we must consume to keep our healthy life. Therefore, this article is a response as well as know the important of daily breakfast on your daily life. Furthermore..


Bali Kite Festival 2016 – Discovery Thousand Kite on Bali Sky

bali kite, bali kite festival, kite festival 2016, tourism newsBali Kite Festival 2016 is the annual traditional event to present the variety of kites in Bali. This kite festival is become popular among the Balinese people since it was to be a recreation for them included tourists in Bali Island. The Balinese people conducts this event on July 2016. And also, this event is one of the promotion efforts from local people to promote Bali’s tourism to all tourists. Furthermore..


Bali Art Festival 2016

bali art festival, art festival 2016, tourism newsThere is a big event in Bali will be open. This event name is Bali Arts Festival. It is a full month of art and culture performances, handicraft exhibitions and other related cultural and commercial activities. This event will really interesting to visit for your holiday in Bali. Due to please prepare to visit the opening ceremony at Renon, Denpasar, Bali. Furthermore…


Ubud Jazz festival 2016
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