Important call numbers during your vacation at Yogyakarta Emergency Rescue

Yogyakarta Emergency Rescue is the contact number of emergency and rescue including hospitals throughout Yogyakarta City. It also presents the public telephone operator, police stations, electricity office, transportation, train stations as well as Red Cross. Furthermore, this Rescue information helps visitors or tourists to get assistance at any time of emergency cases during a vacation in Yogyakarta City. Furthermore, Bali Star Island is proud to provide a list of important telephone numbers that you can contact directly. Moreover, this information is very useful when any emergency cases you enjoy Yogyakarta Tours or join other activities. Wanna a trip to Yogyakarta? Don’t worry, Just dial below once you get into trouble in its city.

General Yogyakarta Emergency Rescue Number – Area Code (0274)

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  • Telephone Operator and furthermore : 108
  • Emergency Call and furthermore: 11
  • Ambulance and furthermore : 118
  • Police and furthermore: 110
  • Firefighter and furthermore: 113
  • Search and Rescue and furthermore: 115 (National)
  • Search Rescue for Yogyakarta and furthermore : (0274) 587999
  • Electricity and furthermore: 123
  • Red Cross and furthermore: (0274) 372176
  • Meteorology and Geophysics (Earthquake): (021) 6586 6502 and furthermore



Center (0274) 113
Yogyakarta (0274) 587101
Sleman and other (0274) 868351,8687405 psw 1188


 Electricity Office Contact Number
Yogyakarta City  123, 562622
Rayon Selatan Gedong kuning 3 123, 387365
Sleman and another 868368
Bantul and another  367693
Wonosari and another (391057
Wates and another  773006
Sedayu and another 563348
Kalasan and another  563348
Kantor Jaga Depok and another 885920
Kantor Jaga Pakem and furthermore 895661


 Police Stattions Contact Numbers
 Police Operator 110
Polda Yogyakarta 563494
Gunung Kidul 91110
Kulon Progo and another 93110
Sleman and another 868410
Poltabes Yogyakarta 512940
Bantul and another 367410
Pamapta Polsekta 512511
Sat IPP 562469
Satserse / Inteligent 563139
Unit Lakalastas / Traffic Unit 513237
Urusan SIM / Driving License and furthermore 566887


 TAXI Contact Number
Armada 512787
ASA 545545
JAS 373737
Rajawali 561495, 612976
Indra Kelana 523131, 563910
Vetri 563551, 563555
Pandawa 447231, 7483000
Pataga 317725
Primkopad 621055, 621333
Sadewo 376107
Setia Kawan 24 hours 448333, 522333
Centris and furthermore 544977

Train Station in Yogyakarta

 Train Stations Contact Number
Yogyakarta City and furthermore 589685
Lempuyangan and furthermore 512454
Station Wates and furthermore 773021


 Name of Hospitals Yogyakarta Hospital Numbers
Dr. Sardjito Hospital 587333
PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital 512653
Panti Rapih Hospital 514845
Bethesda Hospital 586688
Patmasuri Hospital 372022
Hidayatulah Hospital 89194
Bantul Public Hospital 367381, 367386
Ludira Husada Hospital 620333, 620373, 620091
Grhasia (Psikiatris and NAPZA) and furthermore 895143, 895297

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