Do you know Bali Penglipuran Village Balinese heritage and traditions?

Bali Penglipuran Village Balinese heritage and traditions. It is a beautiful highland village in the regency of Bangli in East Bali. Moreover, Penglipuran Village is famous for its well-preserved layout and culture. Truly a must-visit in Bali aside from food, party, chill, and beach. Here, you will be in a totally different world, you will feel you are truly in Bali. The residents welcome you to go into their compounds for a visit. Each house has the same architecture which includes the family temple, kitchen and a shed for ceremonies.

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The main attraction in this little quiet village is a row of traditional houses that are still well-maintained. It shows a strong Balinese culture and you can explore it through their daily life. It is popular as one of the Top 3 cleanest villages in the world. At the top end is a beautiful Hindu temple with a pathway to the Bamboo Forest behind it. The entrance fee is IDR30,000/adult (around $3) for foreigners and IDR 15,000/adult for local tourists. The village is easily accessible from Kuta or anywhere else in Bali and is open from 9 am – 5 pm each day. It is a highlight on tours to the island’s eastern region, conveniently along the same course with the scenic rim of the Mount Batur crater and the village of Kintamani.

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A brief history

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Penglipuran Village is located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It exists since the 18th century, during the period of the Bangli Kingdom. The name of the village is deriving from the words Pengeling or Eling means “to remember” and Pura means “ancestral land.” Therefore, the residents build the village spatial by remembering their ancestor’s land in Bayung Gede. In 1980, the space of Penglipuran Village used the Tri Mandala concept which means the village’s layout was divided into three sections. The village has also been a tourist attraction since 1993.

What to See in Penglipuran Village

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Bali Penglipuran Village is situated 700 meters above sea level and spans over 100 hectares. Hence you will feel a cool mountain atmosphere. The village itself is really beautiful with a symmetrical structure and everything is arranged neatly. It is basically an inside view of the way people actually live in Bali, it is a living museum. Everything is absolutely spotlessly clean and organized. And you will be welcomed by friendly residents who are willing to show you around their compound. Old bricks still stand in their place, traditional kitchens are covered by soot from the billowing wood-fire hearths. People there sell artwork and other items of interest so you can enter each house to see closely the architecture while shopping for souvenirs. Additionally, local health drinks and coffee are cheap and delicious.

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Moreover, you can explore bamboo forests just behind the village (with trails that are popular among trekking and mountain biking tours), farmland and the main village neighbourhood site. At the northern end of the village is the all-important temple where religious ceremonies are often held. Here, you can admire its striking elemental architecture. Another unique feature of Penglipuran is the entrance gates to each house which are all very similar in style. With walls made of mud and the roof from bamboo, this gives the village a very neat appearance.

As the weather can be really hot, make sure you bring enough water and stay hydrated. Put on sunscreen and bring an umbrella to shield yourself from the sunlight. One of the best times to visit Penglipuran village is during the Galungan Day celebrations. You can see it every 6 months when the Penjor is set up in front of each house along the street. It creates a spectacular sight.

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