Find a suited place where your kids get free on Jimbaran Beach Bali 

Jimbaran Beach Bali is a white sandy beach located in the South of Bali Island. Along the coast, a series of Balinese-style hotels is available. Thus, each of these hotels provides a family concept, which accommodates the whole family in one room. Meanwhile, the beachfront is free access to entire guests therefore your kids have a lot of chances to play on beach. Moreover, all hotels are equipped with a large swimming pool, making the family holiday a brilliant program.

family travelers enjoy Jimbaran beach Bali with their kids

When is good time to play at Jimbaran beach Bali

The beach is facing to Indian ocean where half day with low tide and high tide. As we know, local people is prefer to play on beach at early morning or when sun is down. Meanwhile, foreigners especially western tourist is prefer to play on day with sun until sunset time. While western tourist enjoy sun bathing and afternoon is less people rather than evening time.

Evening time is a great chance for tourist gathering with local kids to play together. Some play football, volley ball or build craft on sand. Those kids quickly integrated each other and get feeling to play in. Meanwhile, the parent has lush time enjoying stunning sunset at romantic moment. What now, are you ready to bring your family and kids to Jimbaran beach Bali ?

What others interesting point on this beach

Everyone knows that the most beautiful sunset in Bali is viewed on this beach. Hence thousand of tourist over flow to enjoy the romantic moment while eating special BBQ seafood at local cafe. Yes, that two are the most attractive point for tourist to visit Jimbaran beach Bali. Absolutely, the kids also enjoy playing on small wave during sunset time. It wasn’t over, at the corner of the coast is available fish market where caught by local fishermen. Therefore, beach cafe at Jimbaran always offer fresh seafood and wrapped with Balinese spices. Couldn’t wait to go there, would you!

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