Bali Culture, Unique Balinese Baby Ceremony

Unique Balinese Baby Ceremony is local culture and is a hereditary tradition on this island. Bali is very famous around the world. Besides its nature, this island is also famous for its culture. Many people around the world come to this island to see its amazing culture. Where is different which other country or island. Your eyes will be spoiled with an attractive culture such as building architecture, tradition or ceremony, and the hospitality of people. 

One of the interesting ceremonies you can find here is a three ( 3 ) months baby ceremony. It is a unique baby ceremony in the world. Where this baby ceremony does not have a specific schedule to be held. It depends on the age of the baby. That means once the baby is 105 days ( 3 months) already, this ceremony should be held. 

Why this ceremony becomes a unique baby ceremony because the purpose of this ceremony is to pray to God.  And wishing the baby always in good condition. This time, the baby stepped on the ground for the first time. Eating food as well. 

Balinese people believe that the baby was born and is accompanied by his brother called Ari – Ari ( placenta ). This baby ceremony is also to be respectful to his brother ( Ari – Ari ). Since when still in the mother’s womb, they are keeping the embryo in good condition. And also to notify that Ari-Ari ( placenta ) now has been born, so that they didn’t disturb the baby during growing up. But still guard the baby against the negative thing which will impact the growth of the baby.

The Unique Balinese baby ceremony ritual process

The baby ceremony will be start 3 days before the main day.  It’s start from create some of equipment for ceremony purpose like offerings, prepare the consumption during ceremony, and all necessary thing related with this ceremony. 
All peoples in family will be attending this preparation process. Banjar ( small organization in same area called Banjar ) should be come to help for preparation. Each of person will be busy with their responsibility to make the ceremony running smoothly. When the time is coming up, starting early morning all the people will be busy with own responsibility. Someone prepare the dishes for the people who is join this event. There is people who are complete the ceremony preparation. Another one pick up the priest to lead the ceremony.

When the time is come up and all related thing is complete the ceremony will begin. This baby ceremony will be lead by priest in the temple in their house. The baby will be invite to come to the temple for the first time. During ceremony, Balinese puppet show or called Wayang Lemah will be stages to accompanying the ceremony. This show has purpose to enliven the event.

This ceremony only found in this island, so don’t miss up your time to enjoy and visit Bali Island where the island of the God.

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