What happens? Newest Tourism Acttraction on the Island

Newest Tourism Attraction in Bali. Hello guys, how are you today? Today will be a blessed day for you. Today I would like to share this interesting information with you who want to make a trip to Bali with the newest tourist attraction. This information is about a soft adventure activity, prepare yourself right now. This adventure activity won’t be a dangerous activity and this activity will make you feel excited. Serangan village is one of the villages in Bali, located in the south part of Denpasar city. Don’t worry about the access to get this village, to access this village you will only need about 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Serangan village you will find many kinds of seaweed and fish at the side of the road. That’s because the local society has its main job as a fisherman and as a seaweed farmer.

What place is that? That is a dolphin lodge.

seranganlodge02This village you will able to find dolphin lodge, that will be very nice moment for you to visit this place and start your adventure activity with dolphin. This lodge is located near of the beach, and for you know serangan village surrounding by beach, and the wave in this village is good enough for surfing and swimming.

The Lodge is unique

That will be an unique experience for you to visit this lodge, and the trip here isn’t only visit the lodge and see the dolphin, you can also swimming together with the dolphin, touch the dolphin, hug the dolphin, and kiss the dolphin. This will be very memorable trip for you, and don’t forget to bring your swimming suit, or you will pass this moment. Before you able to swim and play with the dolphin at this lodge, you will be joined in a tour to learn and know more about dolphin live. This tour will be very interesting and will be very unforgettable for. So come to Bali and make a schedule to visit Serangan village, and don’t forget to bring your family and your friends to swim with dolphin together.

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