Bali to Gili island the only 2 hours 30 minutes on fast way

Cross the sea from Bali to Gili island using speedboat takes only 2 hours 30 minutes. Yes, it is a shorter way to reach Gili island rather than flying to Lombok then cross to the island. Furthermore, the cost is more cheaper and it could minimize your time hence you have more free time to play on beach. The boat start from Serangan Harbor in Bali and one stop over a while at Padang Bai harbor. After arriving at Gili Trawangan, the boat cross Gili Meno and Gili Air then dock at Lombok. Meanwhile, few boat stop over at Lembongan island then cross to Gili. It is an easy way to reach another island from Bali, isn’t it? Thus, plan your trip to Bali then jump to one of this exotic island hence your holiday could be perfect.

What the capacity of speedboat to Gili island

speedboat to Gili island

The smallest speedboat to Gili island boat hold 50 seats meanwhile middle range has 80. Does all luggage could be kept on boat? Yes, surely under deck accommodate all passengers luggage and cabin crews handle it all. This boat offers fantastic upper open air deck where you can take sunbath during cruise. Meanwhile, cabin seats is very comfortable where you can relax with TV channel or your own gadget. Bali to Gili island boat prices are here. Boat to Gili Rate.

Does Speedboat to Gili island safe

Bali to Gili island

All boat with regular maintenance and each captain had experienced to cross the sea. Cabin crew explains the safety procedure and also life jacket is provided under the seats. While unconditional big wave on the sea, the captain take procedure rescue to short cut the route. Therefore, your trip from Gili island to Bali could be end at Padang Bai harbor then dropped by car. The schedule from Bali to Gili island mostly at morning time hence less problem on the sea.

How the beach beyond of Bali look like

Tree of Gili , Trawangan, Meno and Air are very small island close to Lombok. There are no motorcycle even car hence the air is very fresh. Moreover, small island without river made sea water very clean, no rubbish and no water pollution as well. Here are a perfect place to do water activity either snorkeling or diving. All island is equipped with hotel, restaurant and bars in vary food selection. Furthermore, for those who are looking for more quiet beach is better to overnight at Gili Meno or Gili Air. Wanna to go and overnight at Gili Island? Speedboat to Gili ilsand is really help and honor the kind of services.

gili island beach

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