A Story 2 Nights 3 Days Trip to See the Komodo Dragon – Part 1

See the Komodo Dragon tour is an exceptional trip to Komodo, it was a dream to stay 2 nights and 3 days on the boat. The day is coming that trip was on April 2019. On the departure date, I woke up early morning to catch the flight taking off at 10:00 am. We were travelling with a group, all together is 20 people. Wow, quite a big group and most of us never had experienced this adventure trip. Who’s the leader of this group? Surely, an experienced organizer and one of our bosses lead this trip. What airlines are going to Komodo? Several choices of airlines are going to Labuan Bajo airport approximately 6 times a day. We departed from Denpasar Bali flew Nam Airline and it took 1 hour and 20 minutes. Does the plane was fine? Yes, it has good service, even you may fly with Garuda or Wings airline too.

Komodo National Park at Rinca Island to See the Komodo Dragon

exceptional trip to komodo

After landing at Komodo airport, local tour guide welcomed and drive us to Labuan Bajo harbor. All participants loaded to wood phinisi boat and the members divided into two group. One boat hold 4 unit sleep cabin accommodate 8 persons. The second boat has 6 units sleep cabin, hence all participants get own room. After cabin crew explaining the safety procedure boat start to sail and stop over for having lunch. Chef crew cooked favorite Indonesian cuisine which is was very tasteful. Does we see the Komodo dragon on first day ? Yes, Komodo National park at Rinca is the first entrance gate to see the dragon. Hence hundred of Komodo dragon are awaiting for.

See such this lizard is an exceptional trip to Komodo National Park

Komodo national park at rinca

Once you arrive at Rinca island you will realize how Komodo dragon look like. The biggest size could be 3,5 meter long and the wight could be 160 kg. It has soil color, sprawl on ground so that very difficult to recognize where they are exist. Therefore, for those who join the trip must follow the rangers instruction and never ever to touch it. What the distance should be if we make a photo? Standing three meter around and don’t make shocking action then you will be under control. These lizard look very lazy and it is the strategy while hunting others. Thus, never ever to think they are friendly, always keep the distance and be careful especially when you are in the jungle or savana. Have the komodo attacked the human? Yes, it was bad experience for those who out from the ranger’s rule.

The trekking area of Komodo National Park at Rinca Island

exceptional trip to komodo

The rangers offer 3 different trek route. There are short trek in duration 1 hour, middle trek and longest track is approximate 4 hours. Trekking at Rinca island is passing savana, jungle and up down the hill. On this trip our group choose short trek, passed half jungle and stop over at the top of hill. From here we saw a fantastic panorama of small gulf and luckily we found the dragon near it’s nest. It looks in violent nature while looking for prey. Afterwards down hill return to boat to next journey. First day was really exceptional trip to Komodo especially at Rinca. Wanna to hear next day trip to Komodo National Park at Rinca? continue to part-2.

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