Do you know that the species of giant lizard Komodo Dragon is found at Komodo National Park?

Komodo Dragon habitats are alive and how the best way to explore the National Park Flores is in a few days. These questions encouraged our team to find out new services to transfer their needs. Firstly, they should fly from one of the domestic routes such as Denpasar Bali or Jakarta Airport to Labuan Bajo. After arriving at a nearby airport in Flores Phinisi deck boat is ready to carry them to start the adventure. Crossing the sea to reach the closer entrance gate of the National Park takes 2 hours of sailing. What do the meals serve during the sail to the island? Don’t worry, the cabin crew and chef is ready to cook your daily meals, starting from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ensure, you will get fresh and delicacy food from the wood deck kitchen. Furthermore, see the optional here. Trip to Komodo Island

Which island does the dragon live on Komodo National Park Flores?

Komodo dragon habitats alive

Series of island are the area of the National park. To see the dragon lizard you should trek to the jungle and savana of Komodo and Rinca island. Which island would the trip goes? You will explore both islands to see more closer of lizard at the nest and how it survives the live in the jungle. The dragon is dangerous and poison, how to protect if they attack wildly ? Don’t worry, during trekking to see the lizard professional rangers are companion and guard from the dragon. You must follow all of their instruction and never ever to go alone at the forest. Once you ignore the rule, the affect will be on your risk !

What other are interesting points of Komodo National Park Flores

komodo national park flores at Padar

Padar island is one of famous place on instagram. To get glorious view you should trek to up the hill then you will see three beautiful gulf from one point. Stretch of white sandy beach and blue ocean looks like in a painting. How long it take up to the right point to shot? Padar island has some stop point to shot a beautiful pic. To reach first point is easy where you need less than 10 minute from start point. Meanwhile, middle trek point normally take 25 minute and the last point could be reached within 40 minute. Wanna to boost your pics at favorite place on instagram? Trek Now and surely you will get it. You may free to take a pic due to not any Komodo dragon habitats alive here.

To see Komodo Dragon habitats does the Phinisi boat convenience

komodo dragon habitats phinisi boat

The boat is sailing at regular speed up in order to passengers can enjoy the ocean. Move from island to island and crossing the sea is very smooth. The ocean is calm and no sake even though sail between two small canyon. Therefore you will enjoy the trip at every moments on the ship. Life jacket is available at every corner and cabin crew are very helpful in their way. Furthermore clean cabin room, hot shower and toilet is a western standard. Still doubt to join the adventure to see Komodo Dragon habitats? Pack your baggage and explore the Komodo National Park Flores now !

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