Unique Cremation in Bali as Ngaben Ceremony

Cremation in Bali or Hindu Ngaben Ceremony is one of the sacred Balinese ceremony by burning the dead body in the funeral. It is a symbol by sending them to the eternal life and followed with Hindu’s ritual procession. Moreover, it is a part of honorable to the ancestor and also shows that the family member have completed their duty. Further, you will find out unique things about Ngaben ceremony like beautiful casket called Bade or Wadah with Balinese ornament patch on it. The dead body burned or cremate in the funeral in purpose of returning the five elements of body to the resources. Here, we will show you some photos of Ngaben Ceremony in procession to the funeral.

How long does this Hindu Ngaben Ceremony take?

Ngaben Ceremony Cremation on Bali

Ngaben Ceremony must take place on a particular suspicious day due to the Bali calendar calculation. However, cremation in Bali takes a lot of money to pay for all the expenses. Therefore, some families wait a few years after their family has passed away. During this time, the deceased body buried temporarily or kept in the mortuary. Moreover, there are different kinds of cremation in Bali for different circumstances. For example, if the deceased body is a child or even an unborn baby. Nevertheless, certain people like Pedanda (a high Hindu priest) or Pemangku cremated as soon as he passed away. Similarly, nobleman/ noblewomen from royal family have a special ceremony that mostly takes the prime level of cremation ceremony.

What will happen during Ngaben Ceremony?

Ngaben Ceremony Cremation on Bali

Firstly, Ngaben ceremony started by calling out the Atma or soul especially if the person has passed away because of an accident, in the hospital, etc. Afterward, the body cleansed and giving symbolic amenities to make sure the person receives a perfect body in the next life. And then, the family will pray for the soul will have a smooth journey to the other side of life. Next, the dead body will be laid inside of the casket or “Bade” and carried it to the cemetery. All the families and the local community will go with the Bade to saying goodbye and as a symbol of the way to return the physical elements to the universe.

Ngaben Ceremony Cremation on Bali

Although it is a cremation ceremony, there should not be any tears of sadness. In fact, Balinese believe that it will hinder the soul reaching their next life. Thus, Cremation ceremony is a joyous occasion and many tourists attracted to see this ceremony. As soon as they arrived at the cemetery, the priest will lead the rituals. At the same time, the casket and the deceased body will be burned in a different place. Afterward, the ashes of the deceased body released into the sea or river. Above all, every regency in Bali has different traditions during Ngaben ceremony. Despite that, it still has the same purpose to celebrate death and welcoming the next life.

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