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Top 5 Bali Art Markets offer you a great place for shopping, where you can discover magnificent artworks and handicrafts by talented local craftsmen. Furthermore, most of the art markets present a sprawling scene of small kiosks designed within a semi-open-air complex. Though, some of them arrange the stalls inside the certain building. On the other hand, Bali art markets present both local and international shoppers which looking for a great deal on some souvenirs. Above all, you may also visit to take some pictures in this market that serve wonderful artistry and creativity of the local artist.

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1. Ubud Art Market

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Ubud Art Market is famous as the Best Bali Art Market worldwide. Locally known as Pasar Seni Ubud and also as Ubud’s central landmarks. Moreover, it is located just across from the Puri Saren Royal Palace. Further, the market is divided into 2 sections: the eastern part is the traditional morning market. Here, you can find locals shopping for daily groceries and household items. Meanwhile, the west side is a place where you will find unique items from silk scarves, tropical shirts, statues, etc. In addition, this market is open every day except on ‘Nyepi’ when the island shuts down for a whole day.

2. Sukawati Art Market

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Sukawati Art Market or Pasar Seni Sukawati is a long-established art market in Bali. Furthermore, Sukawati is a highlight on tour itineraries and the best shopping place for beautiful souvenirs with cheap prices in Bali. consists of the main 2-storey building filled with many different stalls, Garuda sculptures, and Kamasan-style paintings. Therefore, you may patiently look through and ask for prices from different stalls before finally dealing with the price.


3. Guwang Art Market

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Guwang Art Market is the main Bali art market and souvenir shop within Guwang village in Gianyar Regency. This market offers a great alternative choice of handicrafts in Sukawati Market. Besides selling handicrafts, you will also find out traditional warungs that serve Balinese cuisine, snacks, and refreshments. Guwang is regarded as one of the shopping places in Bali and you can see it by art shops and mini galleries along the main road.

4. Kumbasari Art Market

Best Bali Art Market Shopping Place

Kumbasari Art Market is Denpasar’s long-established art market that forms a central landmark together with the traditional market. Further, it is located on the west side of the Badung River, opposite Badung Market. This market has a 2-storey building with small art kiosks, and textile and electronics shops. Here, you can buy daily household necessities and temple ritual items from several shops. Likewise, on the second floor, you will see a hall with a variety of souvenir items and art pieces, such as silverware, mini sculptures, Balinese batiks, paintings and more.

5. Kuta Art Market

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Kuta Art Market is an important part of Kuta’s history and is easily accessible from Kuta Beach. It is situated right at the junction of Jalan Bakung Sari and Jalan Kartika Plaza. Furthermore, the kiosks offer various souvenirs and local’s handicrafts produced in Bali or nearby Indonesia Island. On the other hand, the popularity of this market is getting down to the modernization of Kuta Square Arcade. However, it still has a big role as one of the traditional landmarks in the area. this market is the right choice to buy souvenirs if you have short stays in Kuta.

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